Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weird Dreams

Have you ever had a dream about needing to go to the bathroom? I have them semi-often. I have to go, but instead of waking up, I dream I'm looking everywhere for a bathroom and can't find one. Well, last night I had a totally new dream.

Yesterday, Meg took a really long afternoon nap. So long, she nursed three times instead of four yesterday. So I had an over-supply and woke up quite 'full' this morning. I dreamt I was trying to get to my baby and kept getting delayed. It wasn't a scary "I can't find my baby" dream. It was just an "I need to nurse the baby before I burst" dream. At one point in the dream, I actually said "uh-oh, now I'm leaking." I even dreamt I was teaching a woman how to use her breast pump and I desperately wished I could use it, just to release some of the pressure. But I couldn't, because you're not supposed to share breast pumps. Isn't that weird? I've woken up engorged many times, especially when Meg was really little, but I've never had a dream like this!

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