Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The benefits of having no readers

  • I can promise things and not follow through. Like at the end of this post I said the next day I'd explain how my diaper stash came about. I still haven't. I will someday. But it doesn't matter when, because no one is checking!
  • I can post "every day" without actually posting every day. Like Sunday's post. I wrote it in my head Sunday night. But I didn't feel like turning the computer on. Yesterday (Monday) I didn't feel like typing it out. So I wrote it today (Tuesday). And I backdated it. And no one will know.
  • I don't need to come up with great ideas for posts. No one is following my blog now and if people ever do, how many of them will read the archives? So really, I'm writing for ME, which is great! Because I have low standards! My daily life is interesting to me, even if its not to others.
  • I can edit posts as much as I want. Like this one. I'll publish this post now, but I know I'll think of more reasons throughout the day. So I'll add them. And no one will know.

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