Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weird Dreams

Have you ever had a dream about needing to go to the bathroom? I have them semi-often. I have to go, but instead of waking up, I dream I'm looking everywhere for a bathroom and can't find one. Well, last night I had a totally new dream.

Yesterday, Meg took a really long afternoon nap. So long, she nursed three times instead of four yesterday. So I had an over-supply and woke up quite 'full' this morning. I dreamt I was trying to get to my baby and kept getting delayed. It wasn't a scary "I can't find my baby" dream. It was just an "I need to nurse the baby before I burst" dream. At one point in the dream, I actually said "uh-oh, now I'm leaking." I even dreamt I was teaching a woman how to use her breast pump and I desperately wished I could use it, just to release some of the pressure. But I couldn't, because you're not supposed to share breast pumps. Isn't that weird? I've woken up engorged many times, especially when Meg was really little, but I've never had a dream like this!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Taking a break

So, I think I’m going to take some time off from the computer this weekend. I went to doctor (again) yesterday. Third time in a week. My Eustachian tube disregulation has progressed to an ear infection in one ear. I actually went because I thought I had pink eye. The doctor said is isn’t pink eye, per se, but a general eye infection caused by the same junk causing all my other problems. Plus, this morning I woke up with terrible sinus pain. So, my official diagnosis was:

Ear infection
Sinus infection
Eye infection
Cold/cough virus

At least the infections can be treated. I am now on antibiotics and hoping to feel better soon…

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Olympics!

People, I loooooove the Olympics. To tell my family just HOW sick I was last weekend, I told them I was so sick, I lost my will to watch the Olympics. Its true. And its never happened before. Nothing comes between me and the Olympics! Except this illness, I guess. But I'm feeling marginally better, so back to Olympic-watching it is! But I'm waaay behind.

I know this is old news by now, but Ice Dancing! How have I never seen ice dancing??? My husband and I took ballroom dance lessons in college and even went to competitions. We loved watching the tango on ice! Of course, the downside was my husband thought he was qualified to JUDGE the ice dance tango. He had many opinions. And I was not interested. I prefer to enjoy instead of analyze. Plus, he was constantly saying the judges were getting it wrong. I think, just maybe, the rules of ice dance tango are DIFFERENT from ballroom tango. You think?

Anyway, the bummer of this Olympics for me is that we've been so busy/sick, we haven't watched anything but our TiVo'ed prime time Olympic coverage. Its great, but it doesn't cover everything. Like curling. Its not a proper Winter Olympics if you don't watch any curling. I'll have to check out the NBC-affiliated networks and find out when to TiVo curling. Is there anything else I need to get?


So, I'm sure anyone whose checked out this blog is sick to death of hearing about how I'm sick. I'm sorry. But this is one heck of a cough/cold. It has now caused eustachian tube disregulation, which means my ears are blocked as if I was on an airplane and needed to pop them. You know that feeling of pressure, which you're desperate to relieve by getting your ears to pop? I've had that for 3 days now. Plus, my hearing is weird. I hear everything as if its being played through a blown-out speaker. All fuzzy. It really took the fun out of watching American Idol last night. The doctor says there's nothing that can be done for it except for the cold to go away.

Then, this morning, I woke up with Pink Eye! I give up.

In other news, I will make the obligatory Olympics post soon. Everyone else is!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The benefits of having no readers

  • I can promise things and not follow through. Like at the end of this post I said the next day I'd explain how my diaper stash came about. I still haven't. I will someday. But it doesn't matter when, because no one is checking!
  • I can post "every day" without actually posting every day. Like Sunday's post. I wrote it in my head Sunday night. But I didn't feel like turning the computer on. Yesterday (Monday) I didn't feel like typing it out. So I wrote it today (Tuesday). And I backdated it. And no one will know.
  • I don't need to come up with great ideas for posts. No one is following my blog now and if people ever do, how many of them will read the archives? So really, I'm writing for ME, which is great! Because I have low standards! My daily life is interesting to me, even if its not to others.
  • I can edit posts as much as I want. Like this one. I'll publish this post now, but I know I'll think of more reasons throughout the day. So I'll add them. And no one will know.

Monday, February 22, 2010


There have been several times I’ve written a blog post and really wanted some advice. Or just another perspective. I sit around going “wah, no one reads my blog, I haven’t gotten any comments” (big surprise since the blog is a whole three weeks old)

Other times, I think “thank goodness no one is reading yet! I’ll just keep it a secret until I build up a nice archive, so people aren’t bored”

Then today, I looked at my statcounter and saw two more people clicked through from places I’d left comments (which brings the grand total of people who’ve looked at my blog to four). And I freaked out. “oh no, someone actually looked at my blog! And all I’ve got for them to read is this crap! They’ll never come back! I just blew it! MUST WRITE SOMETHING INSPIRED, before someone else clicks through!”

But of course, I have nothing inspired to say, so I keep writing the same generic “so this is what’s happing in my life” stuff, thinking "wah, no one reads my blog," until someone does and I freak out. Repeat.

When I finally DO get a comment, I'll probably drop dead of shock.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The disaster that is my house

So I've pretty much spent the last three days in bed. I get up long enough to nurse the baby, maybe play with her a little, and put her to sleep. I wasn't feeling well Thursday, but my sister was coming over to babysit, so I cleaned the kitchen and living room. They weren't spotless, but they looked OK. Then, as I said, I barely left the bedroom Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (and, by the way, since this thing turned out to be way worse than a simple cold/cough, I DO feel bad about going to the concert. I hope I didn't get anyone sick.)

My husband has been awesome. He had taken a vacation day on Friday and we had planned fun family activities! Of course, we didn't do any of them. He spent the whole weekend taking care of me and the baby. He got up and made brunch on Friday morning, went grocery shopping Friday afternoon, and made dinner Friday night. He even made a double batch of dinner, so we could eat leftovers for lunch Saturday. I know, best husband ever!! Saturday night, we ordered Chinese. Today we had more leftovers.

This evening, I was feeling good enough I knew I'd be OK to go to work tomorrow. So I got up and went to the kitchen to make Meg's bottles for the next day. (She gets bottled breastmilk and I needed to get it from the freezer and thaw it) Now, I'd been in and out of the kitchen several times during the weekend. Basically, to the sink to get more water. Occasionally for food (I haven't been eating much. I'm still not hungry). On those occasions, I forced myself to ignore the mess and just get back to bed.

But tonight, when I went in the kitchen, I noticed the stove had dirty skillets on it (from brunch Friday). The sick was full of dirty dishes. All of the counters were covered in serving dishes, plates, cups, empty Chinese cartons. It was a disaster. Now, I understand. He had his hands full watching the baby! I don't want to sound ungrateful. He was amazing this weekend and, really, all I needed him to do is watch Meg so I could sleep. Which he did. And when I freaked out over the state of the kitchen, he helped me clean it up.  But next time he comes home from work and wants to know why the house is such a mess even though I was home all day, you'd better bet I'll be reminding him its not always possible to stay ahead of the mess when you're taking care of a baby...

Saturday, February 20, 2010


So my daughter and I are both still sick. And seriously, I can’t remember EVER being this sick (I probably have been, but it was long ago enough I can’t remember). I can barely get out of bed, I cough and hack constantly, my throat and chest are killing me. Is this H1N1? It’s a respiratory illness, right? I have no idea if this is it (probably not, since we both got the vaccine).

I got sick 2.5 days after Meg, so by yesterday she was starting to get better while I was at my absolute sickest. And I just couldn’t deal. She wouldn’t stop whining. I was like, “yes, I KNOW you feel like crap! You know how I know? Because I DO TOO. I know exactly how sick you are. I know you’re miserable. I’M miserable. There is no need to make me MORE miserable. Just STOP WHINING.” And neither of us can take any medicine (except Tylenol), because she’s a baby and I’m breastfeeding.

My husband tried to help as much as he could, but I’m the only one who can breastfeed. Plus, (a big mistake) I always put her down for naps and bedtime. And naps and bedtime is when she’s at her whiniest. WHINE, WHINE, WHINE. And I can’t take it! I just want to crawl into bed and die! She should be grateful I managed to get out of bed long enough to feed her and put her down. But she doesn’t know that, because she’s 8.5 months old.

Last night at bedtime, I sat there rocking her while she cried and, in my head, I just kept saying over and over: This too shall pass, this too shall pass, this too shall pass, this too shall pass…

Friday, February 19, 2010

Spreading Illness

Last fall, when H1N1 was really going around, I got a little paranoid about large indoor events. Husband and I went to see Wicked in late October. Being almost winter, I'm sure a lot of people had colds. I'm sure Meg had a cold (she always does). But after we sat down, people started coughing all around us. I got nervous I would catch something bad and give it to Meg. And I got mad. How dare they?? These people are SICK and they come to a MUSICAL? Do they know how many people they'll infect? That's so selfish! Stay home people!! For all I know, they just had dry throats or something and weren't even sick. But I was mad at them.

Now, of course, it happened to me. We had tickets to the concert last night and I spent all of yesterday coughing and hacking away. About early afternoon I thought: wow, people will hate me at the concert tonight when I start coughing. I did consider staying home, but only because I might not be up to it. Not out of concern for others. I'm selfish, too. I wanted to go! I'd been looking forward to it. We bought the tickets. Yeah, they were cheap and we wouldn't have been out that much money. But we would be out $30 and have missed the concert we wanted to see. So I went. And coughed. And blew my nose. And coughed some more. And if people hated me, I don't care. Isn't it amazing how selfish people can be?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Motherhood is sexy

Tonight, my husband and I went to a Joe Nichols concert. It was a super-cheap night, as concerts go, but it is amazing how it adds up! The tickets were only $10 each (score!). For two tickets, the total actually came to $30 after convenience fees and such. We paid $20 for a babysitter (my sister*) and $10 for pizza for all of us (go $10 pizzas!). Grand total: $60. Obviously, extremely cheap for concert, dinner, and babysitter. But still, the concept of the concert was, "yay! a concert for only $20!!!" and somehow it ended up being $60... That's how it goes, I guess.

One of Joe Nichols' songs is "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off." This was our conversation on the way home:

Husband: "Hey, how about a margarita when we get home?" *wink* *wink*

Me: Sure! Right after I pump breastmilk.

Husband: Oh. That is not sexy.

*She tried to refuse the money, but she has about an hour drive to get to our house, so we insisted she take the money for gas


Well. So much for looking on the bright side. I have caught my daughter's illness, so now I'm miserable AND she's miserable. And hubby is in trouble because he's the one who BROUGHT this illness into our house! (just kidding. he's not in trouble, but only because we need him to take care of us;-)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Do they make chocolate-covered dried cranberries? I know its not particularly healthy, but I love to eat Craisins with dark chocolate. Its soooo good, but I think it would be even better if the craisins were actually covered in the chocolate. And no, I don’t like raisins. Even chocolate covered ones. I don’t know why. I just don’t. But cranberries are good.

Looking on the bright side

My daughter is sick. Nothing serious, but she’s miserable. She has an ear infection, a runny nose, and a nasty cough. My husband took her to the doctor this morning and he said they listened to her chest for a long time, because her cough makes it sound like she’s pretty sick. However, they said her lungs sound OK.

Obviously, seeing her feeling crappy hurts me. Isn’t it hard to see your child suffer? Even if, in the grand scheme of things, its very minor suffering. But she is such a trooper. You can tell she’s miserable, but she tries to play like normal and just needs some extra cuddles (and does a LOT of whining!). Plus, she loves taking medicine. She enjoys trying any new food/drink, whether it be mangos, chicken, Tylenol, or amoxicillin. She is particularly fond of Tylenol and gets excited when we get ready to give her some. So, during this illness, instead of being sad she’s sad (and that I can’t stay home with her*), I’m choosing to be grateful I don’t have to force medicine down her throat, and, most of all, that she’ll be better soon!!

*A big project I’m doing at work blew up this week and we’re doing damage control. I absolutely have to be there, so Meg is with my mom

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who's in charge?

I was reading a blog post today about division of labor and whether parents equally shared the job of parenting. What really caught my interest was one commenter who said she and her husband were pretty much equal partners, but he defers to her regarding what their daughter should eat, wear, etc.

That is exactly how it is at my house. When we’re both home, we spend an equal amount of time taking care of and playing with Meg, but I’m the decision maker. He often feeds her and probably dresses her more than I do. But he always asks me what she should be eating or wearing. Its not because he can’t keep track of her feeding schedule or decide how to dress her. Its because, in the past, if I intended to feed her carrots for dinner and he went and got a container of pears, I don’t thank him for taking initiative, I whine he’s messed up the feeding rotation. And if he puts together an outfit I think doesn’t “go,” I usually insist he changes her.

To be fair, I do try. If he says “I’ll feed her” and grabs a container of something I was not intending to feed her, I try to keep my mouth shut. And I really really try to be OK with the clothes he’s picked out, but sometimes…well, you know what outfits a dad can come up with.

Not being a control freak about things that don’t matter is something I’ve been working on. I think I’m getting better. And it does get easier as she gets older. She’s now in a routine – fruit for lunch, vegetable for dinner. So, really, as long as he has a food out of the right category, I try to just thank him for feeding her. And, as for the clothes, he usually picks something out, asks me if its OK, and I try my best to say yes, even if its not perfect.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day, part 2

In addition to the CD my husband gave me, he surprised me with red and white tulips! I was beyond thrilled, as I've been wanting tulips for special occasions since we got married. I carried a bouquet of red and white tulips at our wedding. On each of our anniversaries, my husband has gone looking for tulips, but according to flower shops around here our anniversary (May 18th) is just past tulip season. I don't quite understand, because I know we didn't pay the "out of season" rate for the wedding. Plus, growing up in northwest Iowa, we often went to the Orange City tulip festival in the middle of May. In fact, I just looked it up and this year the tulip festival runs May 13-15. Orange City is about 4 hours NW from where we live now. Of course, the Pella tulip festival (about 1 hr south of us) is May 6-8. Maybe the flower shops here base their tulip season on Pella...

Anyway, for Valentines Day, he ordered the tulips online. It makes me happy that he remembered my favorite flowers and took the time to order them online in advance:) And I suppose the fact I've been wanting them for 2 1/2 years made it even better! I had a great Valentine's Day!

Below: the bouquet from our wedding

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

How do you feel about gifts on Valentine's day? Do you buy/receive big items? Like expensive jewelry? Or just go out to dinner and maybe receive some flowers? My husband and I are both cheapskates. We don't see the point of spending a lot of money on gifts, because its our money. If he buys me a gift, the money comes out of our account, so its not a lot different from me buying it. We're lucky we agree on this issue. Even for Christmas, we have a gift limit of anywhere from $50-$100, depending on the year. Its not that we can't afford more, we just don't like spending a lot. If we 'need' something more expensive (like a new computer), we track prices, look for sales, and buy it together. I know, we're boring.

So, for Valentine's day, I got him a new book he's been wanting (Game Change) and he got me a CD I've been wanting (Michael Buble's Crazy Love). They weren't surprises, either. We each told the other what we wanted. Since he happened to be at Barnes & Noble, he actually bought both of them (I need to remember to pay him back).

We're both happy, as we are so frugal that we normally wouldn't buy these things for ourselves. As he gave me the CD, which I was excited about, I thought that many women would be disappointed to receive 'just a CD.' But not me! How about you?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do you "stock up"?

I love a good deal. When I find one, I stock up. Lately, I've gotten into couponing blogs, so I've been doing a lot of stocking up. My husband HATES this. But seriously, is it a bad thing that we have 7 tubes of toothpaste if I got them for 25 cents each? I think its great - we won't have to buy toothpaste for like 2 years! Or however long that many tubes last (I have no idea). He thinks its terrible - for the next year or so we'll have to store 7, then 6, then 5 tubes, etc.

This is why I won't be telling him what I bought today. Drugstores are GREAT for coupon deals and in my area, that means Walgreens. This week they had Dove for men body wash "free." You buy a bottle for 5.99 and receive a 'register reward' of $6. You can use the register reward like cash on your next purchase at Walgreens. On top of this, there was a coupon for $1.25 off in last Sunday's newspaper. So last Sunday I bought one - I paid 5.99 - 1.25 = 4.74 + tax and received a $6 register reward. I only bought one because I had to talk my husband into even letting me get one. So that was that.

Then, Walgreens came out with a 'family and friends' coupon good only today. If you printed the coupon off their website and brought it in today, you got 15% off your entire purchase. Soooooo, that meant an even better deal! I bought many (many) things, including four more bottles of body wash. Don't tell my husband. But who turns down free money?

5.99 Body wash
-0.90 15% off
-1.25 coupon
= 3.84
+ 0.31 6% tax on 5.09 (tax is calculated on the before-coupon price)
= 4.15

So, you pay $4.15 and they give you a bottle of body wash and $6. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Plus, I have plenty of register rewards, so I used register rewards to pay. I'm not even using cash!*

When I got home, I hid the body wash in the back of the bathroom closet. I really need to figure out how to donate stuff to a homeless shelter or something. Then I could get my $2 profit and my husband wouldn't have to be annoyed about the huge stockpile of body wash, toothpaste, and tampons. Of course, I'll keep some. You've got to have a little stockpiled - you don't want to run out and have pay full price!

Tomorrow - the saga of my diaper stash (we've got like a year's worth of diapers, which I agree is excessive).

*Actually, if a deal like this comes up and I really don't need the item, I'll only do it if I have register rewards I need to use up. Because, let's face it, register rewards are great, but they're not the same as cash!

Updated to add: I donated the body wash to a church event that helps disadvantaged people in our community. It was nice to get rid of it - more room in the closet!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Laundry woes

I wanted to wear my favorite sweater to work today, but it was in the wash. So, last night I started a load of laundry that included the sweater. When the washer was done, I put the load in the dryer. About 10 minutes later, I remembered I had forgotten to take out something that needs to air dry. When I opened the dryer door, a match tumbled out. I ran upstairs to ask my husband how many matches he had put in his pocket when he barbequed on Saturday. His response? A whole (mini) box.

I took everything out of the dryer and shook the clothes to get the matches out.
I then looked at the clothes and found little red dots all over them (from the red tip of the matches)

My favorite sweater was covered in red dots. I took the sweater and put it back in the washer. I washed it in HOT water. When the cycle was done, I very nervously took the sweater was back to normal! No red dots! Yay!

However, it was late when I started rewashing the sweater and I was too lazy to inspect every item in the original load, so I just left the rest. Now I have underwear and dish towels with red dots all over them. Since they've already been through the dryer, I don't think there's much hope. Fortunately, the rest of the clothes in the load were black, so it doesn't show. Though I guess we will be walking around with match-tip residue on our clothes. Is that bad?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

When are you due?

I think it is ingrained in most women to NEVER ask a woman when she is due unless she is in labor or tells you she's pregnant. I am an auditor, so I'll go to a location, audit it for anywhere from a week to a month, then present my findings and go somewhere else. When I was seven months pregnant, I was presenting my findings at a business I'd been at for two weeks. There were two women and one man in the meeting. When I finished, the man asked when I was due. The two women gasped and looked terrified. When I smiled and said 'two months from now,' they were so relieved!! So, you know hormones - I was insulted they thought I WASN'T pregnant! I was like, can they really think I'm THAT fat?? Hopefully they also thought I was pregnant, but considered it rude to ask...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One benefit of working...

I got a "your baby is 37 weeks old!" email from today. It said my daughter is old enough now to benefit from parallel play and that we should make sure to schedule playdates to ensure she becomes or remains at ease with children her age. She goes to daycare 1-2 days a week, so I've got that one covered! Yay! See, being a working mom promotes my daughter's social development:) She doesn't want to be stuck at home all day with her boring mom, anyway (although she'd love to take me to daycare with her).

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It melts my heart

Before I start with my story, I'll tell you I've decided to call my daughter Meg on this blog. Its not her real name, but we almost named her that. I'm sure once I become more comfortable on the internet, I'll probably transition to using her real name. Don't be shocked!!

I thought when Meg started crawling, my reponse would be "Good Job! Yay!"...thinks to self: oh crap. But I haven't gotten to the 'oh crap' part yet. She's only been really crawling two days, so its still very new and exciting. Twice while I was making dinner, she crawled across the kitchen, tugged on my pant leg, and said "mama, mama." I about started crying. My little baby is growing up!

You know you're a terrible mother when... look down to see your daughter playing with razors.

Last Monday (8 days ago), my daughter took her first tentative effort at crawling. She moved about six inches. Yesterday, she really got it. It still takes some time, but now she can get anywhere she wants. This morning, I set her down in the hallway outside the bathroom so she could watch me put my contacts in. She's done this every morning since she could sit up. So, for months and months. This morning, she put her crawling skills to work and crawled over to the vanity and opened the bottom drawer. She picked up a package of razors and tried to dump it out. She only succeeded in dumping one out and she wasn't interested in it - she wanted the package. The razors had safety guards over the blades and she didn't even try to get them off. But you can imagine I was pretty concerned when I looked down after getting my contacts in and saw her playing with razors! Needless to say, they're now stored WAY up high. I guess we need to get started on the babyproofing, huh...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day off

My daughter has been waking up with green crud all over her eyes in the morning and after naps since Saturday. It really doesn't look that bad. Actually, it looks exactly like the crusty green stuff you sometimes wake up with in the corner of your eye. I thought maybe it covered more of her eye because her eyes are smaller. But since she could barely see through the crud this morning, I took her to the doctor. But only because I had a furlough day today (unpaid day off). I honestly considered waiting a few days to see if it stopped happening. Imagine how terrible I felt when the doctor said she has pinkeye. But after feeling bad, I was actually just a little...excited? She can't go to daycare tomorrow. Excited isn't the right word, but - no work! Yay! The pinkeye doesn't seem to bother her AT ALL. She doesn't rub her eyes and seems to feel just fine.

So, to sum up: she feels fine, she has medicine, after 24 hours she won't be contagious, and instead of going to work tomorrow, I get to spend the day with my baby girl. Is it terrible to be just a little excited?

Friday, February 5, 2010

I wish I could explain...

Do you ever have trouble explaining things out loud? Sometimes I think I should carry around printed copies of whatever I want to say. This morning I went to MOPS at my church. When they asked for prayer requests, I attempted to say I was having a hard time leaving my daughter to go to work this week. I tried to say it really bothered me when she crawled for the first time and I was at work. But I couldn't. I started crying and could barely speak through the tears. And THAT really bothered me. I wanted to explain! I wanted to go into detail, say I love my job and don't think I really want to be at home full-time, but that I'd like to work less. That, even though I do want to work one or two days a week, I wish I never had to miss any milestones. That I know crawling for the first time isn't that important in the grand scheme of things and I'm sure I'll get over it. But I couldn't. And it was very annoying.

It was also confusing. I thought I WAS over the crawling thing. When I think about it, it doesn't really bother me anymore. When I wrote about it yesterday, it didn't affect me. But whenever I try to explain it to someone, I start crying. So hard I can barely say the words. Am I in denial? Am I "burying my feelings"? When I think about it and conclude I'm over it, I'm not consciously trying to convince myself I should be over it. I honestly think I am. But I must not be. Huh.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Working Mom

Most blogs I read are written by SAHMs. In fact, I can only think of one written by a mom working a traditional job (i.e., you have to GO to work). The rest are either full-time moms or freelance writers who work from home.

I love my job and enjoy being at work most of the time, but I wish I could stay home with my little girl. I went back to work when she was 9 weeks old. As she has grown and developed a stronger personality, it has gotten harder and harder to leave her. She is so fun to be with:) In the past few weeks, she has also developed separation anxiety and screams when I leave in the mornings.

Monday, she crawled for the first time. I was at work. My mom watches her on Mondays and she texted me to let me know. I cried all the way home. I know its not that big a deal, and someday I probably won't even remember, let alone be sad about it. But on Monday, it devastated me. I've always been sad I have to miss the day-to-day stuff, but missing milestones is even worse.

Have you ever missed one of your child's milestones? How upset were you? Are milestones less important when its not your first child?


Hi! I've been reading blogs for awhile and decided to start my own. My name is Jessica, I'm 25, I've been married for 2 1/2 years, and my husband and I have an 8-month-old baby girl. I haven't decided yet whether to use my husband and daughter's real names here - does anyone have an opinion on this? Let me know!

We live in the Midwest, in the state where my husband and I were both born and raised (though our hometowns are 6.5 hours apart). I work 32 hours a week as an accountant, so I get to spend Fridays home with my little girl:)

See you soon!