Sunday, February 21, 2010

The disaster that is my house

So I've pretty much spent the last three days in bed. I get up long enough to nurse the baby, maybe play with her a little, and put her to sleep. I wasn't feeling well Thursday, but my sister was coming over to babysit, so I cleaned the kitchen and living room. They weren't spotless, but they looked OK. Then, as I said, I barely left the bedroom Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (and, by the way, since this thing turned out to be way worse than a simple cold/cough, I DO feel bad about going to the concert. I hope I didn't get anyone sick.)

My husband has been awesome. He had taken a vacation day on Friday and we had planned fun family activities! Of course, we didn't do any of them. He spent the whole weekend taking care of me and the baby. He got up and made brunch on Friday morning, went grocery shopping Friday afternoon, and made dinner Friday night. He even made a double batch of dinner, so we could eat leftovers for lunch Saturday. I know, best husband ever!! Saturday night, we ordered Chinese. Today we had more leftovers.

This evening, I was feeling good enough I knew I'd be OK to go to work tomorrow. So I got up and went to the kitchen to make Meg's bottles for the next day. (She gets bottled breastmilk and I needed to get it from the freezer and thaw it) Now, I'd been in and out of the kitchen several times during the weekend. Basically, to the sink to get more water. Occasionally for food (I haven't been eating much. I'm still not hungry). On those occasions, I forced myself to ignore the mess and just get back to bed.

But tonight, when I went in the kitchen, I noticed the stove had dirty skillets on it (from brunch Friday). The sick was full of dirty dishes. All of the counters were covered in serving dishes, plates, cups, empty Chinese cartons. It was a disaster. Now, I understand. He had his hands full watching the baby! I don't want to sound ungrateful. He was amazing this weekend and, really, all I needed him to do is watch Meg so I could sleep. Which he did. And when I freaked out over the state of the kitchen, he helped me clean it up.  But next time he comes home from work and wants to know why the house is such a mess even though I was home all day, you'd better bet I'll be reminding him its not always possible to stay ahead of the mess when you're taking care of a baby...

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