Thursday, February 18, 2010

Motherhood is sexy

Tonight, my husband and I went to a Joe Nichols concert. It was a super-cheap night, as concerts go, but it is amazing how it adds up! The tickets were only $10 each (score!). For two tickets, the total actually came to $30 after convenience fees and such. We paid $20 for a babysitter (my sister*) and $10 for pizza for all of us (go $10 pizzas!). Grand total: $60. Obviously, extremely cheap for concert, dinner, and babysitter. But still, the concept of the concert was, "yay! a concert for only $20!!!" and somehow it ended up being $60... That's how it goes, I guess.

One of Joe Nichols' songs is "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off." This was our conversation on the way home:

Husband: "Hey, how about a margarita when we get home?" *wink* *wink*

Me: Sure! Right after I pump breastmilk.

Husband: Oh. That is not sexy.

*She tried to refuse the money, but she has about an hour drive to get to our house, so we insisted she take the money for gas

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