Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Olympics!

People, I loooooove the Olympics. To tell my family just HOW sick I was last weekend, I told them I was so sick, I lost my will to watch the Olympics. Its true. And its never happened before. Nothing comes between me and the Olympics! Except this illness, I guess. But I'm feeling marginally better, so back to Olympic-watching it is! But I'm waaay behind.

I know this is old news by now, but Ice Dancing! How have I never seen ice dancing??? My husband and I took ballroom dance lessons in college and even went to competitions. We loved watching the tango on ice! Of course, the downside was my husband thought he was qualified to JUDGE the ice dance tango. He had many opinions. And I was not interested. I prefer to enjoy instead of analyze. Plus, he was constantly saying the judges were getting it wrong. I think, just maybe, the rules of ice dance tango are DIFFERENT from ballroom tango. You think?

Anyway, the bummer of this Olympics for me is that we've been so busy/sick, we haven't watched anything but our TiVo'ed prime time Olympic coverage. Its great, but it doesn't cover everything. Like curling. Its not a proper Winter Olympics if you don't watch any curling. I'll have to check out the NBC-affiliated networks and find out when to TiVo curling. Is there anything else I need to get?

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