Monday, February 22, 2010


There have been several times I’ve written a blog post and really wanted some advice. Or just another perspective. I sit around going “wah, no one reads my blog, I haven’t gotten any comments” (big surprise since the blog is a whole three weeks old)

Other times, I think “thank goodness no one is reading yet! I’ll just keep it a secret until I build up a nice archive, so people aren’t bored”

Then today, I looked at my statcounter and saw two more people clicked through from places I’d left comments (which brings the grand total of people who’ve looked at my blog to four). And I freaked out. “oh no, someone actually looked at my blog! And all I’ve got for them to read is this crap! They’ll never come back! I just blew it! MUST WRITE SOMETHING INSPIRED, before someone else clicks through!”

But of course, I have nothing inspired to say, so I keep writing the same generic “so this is what’s happing in my life” stuff, thinking "wah, no one reads my blog," until someone does and I freak out. Repeat.

When I finally DO get a comment, I'll probably drop dead of shock.

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