Thursday, February 11, 2010

When are you due?

I think it is ingrained in most women to NEVER ask a woman when she is due unless she is in labor or tells you she's pregnant. I am an auditor, so I'll go to a location, audit it for anywhere from a week to a month, then present my findings and go somewhere else. When I was seven months pregnant, I was presenting my findings at a business I'd been at for two weeks. There were two women and one man in the meeting. When I finished, the man asked when I was due. The two women gasped and looked terrified. When I smiled and said 'two months from now,' they were so relieved!! So, you know hormones - I was insulted they thought I WASN'T pregnant! I was like, can they really think I'm THAT fat?? Hopefully they also thought I was pregnant, but considered it rude to ask...

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