Friday, February 12, 2010

Laundry woes

I wanted to wear my favorite sweater to work today, but it was in the wash. So, last night I started a load of laundry that included the sweater. When the washer was done, I put the load in the dryer. About 10 minutes later, I remembered I had forgotten to take out something that needs to air dry. When I opened the dryer door, a match tumbled out. I ran upstairs to ask my husband how many matches he had put in his pocket when he barbequed on Saturday. His response? A whole (mini) box.

I took everything out of the dryer and shook the clothes to get the matches out.
I then looked at the clothes and found little red dots all over them (from the red tip of the matches)

My favorite sweater was covered in red dots. I took the sweater and put it back in the washer. I washed it in HOT water. When the cycle was done, I very nervously took the sweater was back to normal! No red dots! Yay!

However, it was late when I started rewashing the sweater and I was too lazy to inspect every item in the original load, so I just left the rest. Now I have underwear and dish towels with red dots all over them. Since they've already been through the dryer, I don't think there's much hope. Fortunately, the rest of the clothes in the load were black, so it doesn't show. Though I guess we will be walking around with match-tip residue on our clothes. Is that bad?

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