Friday, February 19, 2010

Spreading Illness

Last fall, when H1N1 was really going around, I got a little paranoid about large indoor events. Husband and I went to see Wicked in late October. Being almost winter, I'm sure a lot of people had colds. I'm sure Meg had a cold (she always does). But after we sat down, people started coughing all around us. I got nervous I would catch something bad and give it to Meg. And I got mad. How dare they?? These people are SICK and they come to a MUSICAL? Do they know how many people they'll infect? That's so selfish! Stay home people!! For all I know, they just had dry throats or something and weren't even sick. But I was mad at them.

Now, of course, it happened to me. We had tickets to the concert last night and I spent all of yesterday coughing and hacking away. About early afternoon I thought: wow, people will hate me at the concert tonight when I start coughing. I did consider staying home, but only because I might not be up to it. Not out of concern for others. I'm selfish, too. I wanted to go! I'd been looking forward to it. We bought the tickets. Yeah, they were cheap and we wouldn't have been out that much money. But we would be out $30 and have missed the concert we wanted to see. So I went. And coughed. And blew my nose. And coughed some more. And if people hated me, I don't care. Isn't it amazing how selfish people can be?

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