Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do you "stock up"?

I love a good deal. When I find one, I stock up. Lately, I've gotten into couponing blogs, so I've been doing a lot of stocking up. My husband HATES this. But seriously, is it a bad thing that we have 7 tubes of toothpaste if I got them for 25 cents each? I think its great - we won't have to buy toothpaste for like 2 years! Or however long that many tubes last (I have no idea). He thinks its terrible - for the next year or so we'll have to store 7, then 6, then 5 tubes, etc.

This is why I won't be telling him what I bought today. Drugstores are GREAT for coupon deals and in my area, that means Walgreens. This week they had Dove for men body wash "free." You buy a bottle for 5.99 and receive a 'register reward' of $6. You can use the register reward like cash on your next purchase at Walgreens. On top of this, there was a coupon for $1.25 off in last Sunday's newspaper. So last Sunday I bought one - I paid 5.99 - 1.25 = 4.74 + tax and received a $6 register reward. I only bought one because I had to talk my husband into even letting me get one. So that was that.

Then, Walgreens came out with a 'family and friends' coupon good only today. If you printed the coupon off their website and brought it in today, you got 15% off your entire purchase. Soooooo, that meant an even better deal! I bought many (many) things, including four more bottles of body wash. Don't tell my husband. But who turns down free money?

5.99 Body wash
-0.90 15% off
-1.25 coupon
= 3.84
+ 0.31 6% tax on 5.09 (tax is calculated on the before-coupon price)
= 4.15

So, you pay $4.15 and they give you a bottle of body wash and $6. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Plus, I have plenty of register rewards, so I used register rewards to pay. I'm not even using cash!*

When I got home, I hid the body wash in the back of the bathroom closet. I really need to figure out how to donate stuff to a homeless shelter or something. Then I could get my $2 profit and my husband wouldn't have to be annoyed about the huge stockpile of body wash, toothpaste, and tampons. Of course, I'll keep some. You've got to have a little stockpiled - you don't want to run out and have pay full price!

Tomorrow - the saga of my diaper stash (we've got like a year's worth of diapers, which I agree is excessive).

*Actually, if a deal like this comes up and I really don't need the item, I'll only do it if I have register rewards I need to use up. Because, let's face it, register rewards are great, but they're not the same as cash!

Updated to add: I donated the body wash to a church event that helps disadvantaged people in our community. It was nice to get rid of it - more room in the closet!

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