Monday, February 8, 2010

Day off

My daughter has been waking up with green crud all over her eyes in the morning and after naps since Saturday. It really doesn't look that bad. Actually, it looks exactly like the crusty green stuff you sometimes wake up with in the corner of your eye. I thought maybe it covered more of her eye because her eyes are smaller. But since she could barely see through the crud this morning, I took her to the doctor. But only because I had a furlough day today (unpaid day off). I honestly considered waiting a few days to see if it stopped happening. Imagine how terrible I felt when the doctor said she has pinkeye. But after feeling bad, I was actually just a little...excited? She can't go to daycare tomorrow. Excited isn't the right word, but - no work! Yay! The pinkeye doesn't seem to bother her AT ALL. She doesn't rub her eyes and seems to feel just fine.

So, to sum up: she feels fine, she has medicine, after 24 hours she won't be contagious, and instead of going to work tomorrow, I get to spend the day with my baby girl. Is it terrible to be just a little excited?

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