Monday, March 15, 2010


Sometimes I worry about the fact Meg doesn't really have a weekday routine. She generally goes to my mom's Monday and Wednesday and daycare on Tuesday. Thursdays vary. Fridays I'm usually home. All this changes if my mom is out of town, or Meg's sick, or I'm sick. Her "schedule" is different at each place: we all feed her at different times, put her down for naps at different times, and do different things throughout the day. If I'm going to work, I get her up at 5:45. If we're staying home, I let her sleep until she wakes up on her own (around 7 or 8). She seems to do just fine. She's a smiley, happy baby. But everyone is always harping on routines. Am I ruining my baby's life by not having a rigid routine?

Some of its not possible. I tried getting the daycare and my mom to feed her at the same times. It didn't work. When she acts hungry, they feed her. Even if its only been an hour since her last feeding. I'm OK with that, because generally she IS hungry (because her terrible mama is giving her bottles that are TOO SMALL).

She's always been a "two hour rule" napper. She doesn't nap at the same times every day, she naps around two hours after the last time she woke up, all day long. But I'm the only one who puts her down after two hours. I swear, it works perfectly (she's tired enough to sleep, but not overtired), but mom and the daycare don't do it. They wait until she looks tired, at which point she's actually overtired.

I put her down for naps in her carseat. She refuses to nap in her crib at home. Mom rocks her to sleep. The daycare puts her in a small crib.

This week, we're changing the routine further. My husband's mom took the week off work to get her house ready to put on the market. She's coming up to visit us Monday night, babysitting Tuesday, then leaving Tuesday night. So this week, Meg is going to my mom's Monday and Wednesday. She's staying at our house with her other grandma Tuesday and going to daycare on Thursday. PLUS, she graduated to a new room at daycare (because she can crawl) and Thursday will be her first day in the new room. I feel bad for her - this is going to be a crazy week.

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