Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nursing before bed

We've started giving Meg a 4 ounce bottle before bed, after I nurse her. I thought allowing a longer period of time between the last time I pumped and bedtime would let enough milk build up, but it doesn't. A few times she's waken up around midnight hungry again. Not good.

She really enjoys her bottles - she glugs them down as fast as possible, as if the food could be taken away at any time and she needs to get as much as she can before that happens. When I try to nurse her before bed, she does it, but really she just wants her bottle. So I think the nighttime nursing is on its way out. The first-thing-in-the-morning nursing session is the only one she really likes. She loves to get out of her crib and immediately snuggling close to mama and nursing without really waking up.

I'm pretty much OK with this. What's the point of nursing her before bed if I'm also going to give her a bottle?

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