Thursday, March 25, 2010

No more pump to lug around! (maybe)

I kept forgetting to pump in the afternoon. I’d remember at a later and later time every day, then worry it was too close to Meg’s bedtime feeding to pump. So sometimes I would delay pumping until after the bedtime feeding, so I was sure Meg was getting as much as she wanted. Then she started refusing to nurse at night, so I was obviously getting a lot more milk. I was also pumping 2x a day again (usually afternoon and before bed), 3 if she refused to nurse in the morning. Have I mentioned I hate pumping? So I dropped the afternoon altogether and only pump at night. No lugging the pump to work! Of course, I haven’t yet had a day where I didn’t have to take it. Because, Meg has now started routinely refusing to nurse in the morning, instead of occasionally refusing. So now I pump in the morning at work. Oh well.

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