Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rough Day

Ick. Today was really really rough. I still don't feel any better and Meg decided nighttime is playtime! She woke up at 12:30 last night and didn't go back to sleep until 5. FIVE! We tried everything. We fed her (at 2 a.m. and at 4:30 a.m.) We gave her Tylenol (because the only other times she's woken up in the night have been because she is really sick or teething). She just wasn't tired. Around 3 a.m., my husband took her to the living room and let her play for an hour while he laid on the couch.

I already didn't feel well, but this made it worse, so I went to work for 3 hours, then came home. As I said yesterday, my mother-in-law is watching Meg today at our house. I said hi to them, pumped, then went to bed. I slept from 11 am - 5 pm. My husband left work after the markets closed (1:30). He planned to take a nap, but ended up just hanging out with his mom. We put Meg to bed at her normal bedtime of 8, then immediately got ready for bed ourselves. We plan to be asleep by 9. If Meg gets up again tonight, I don't know what we're going to do.

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