Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thoughts on potty training

When do girls usually potty train? Around 2? 2 ½? Thomas' cousin potty trained her daughter at 18 months, which seemed crazy early to me, but it worked. Meg is showing some signs of potty-training readiness, but I have ZERO DESIRE to get started. Diapers are just so EASY. I don’t have to hound my child – ‘Do you need to go now? How about now? Now? How about just trying to go before we get in the car?’ I don’t have to immediately scope out the nearest bathroom in every public place in case she suddenly has to go. I don’t have to bring 5 changes of clothes in case she has an accident. Or stop every half an hour on car trips to find a bathroom.

I like diapers. They’re convenient. I haven’t ever been caught without a diaper when one was desperately needed, so why would I want to potty train her and risk being caught without a bathroom in sight when one is desperately needed?  The thought of having two kids in diapers doesn’t bother me at all. I have never minded diapers. I’ve always planned on ‘wait until they’re ready (REALLY ready)’ since I think I prefer diapers over potty training. Now I’m just worried Meg will be ready before I am!

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  1. May I offer a bit of advice? If she is showing interest, jump on it. You don't have to push (by asking her all the time or whatever), but don't discourage it. I was waiting for a more convenient time to potty train than when Fuss started showing interest more than a year ago. I think I discouraged it a bit (I remember saying "really? you really want to go potty? are you sure? can't you just go in your diaper?" more than once) and now I'm really struggling with getting her interested again.