Saturday, November 13, 2010


I haven’t been quite sure what to say about the Blathering. I loved Elizabeth’s post, but I’m not quite to the ‘Just Friends’ point yet. I didn’t know any of these women existed until just over a year ago. I only started my blog (and started commenting on others) in February. I’m still new to the whole thing and prior to this weekend I would have said I had a few acquaintances inside the computer – we comment on eachothers’ blogs, but it’s not like we have conversations outside of the blog. Some of these women have been blogging for years and I read their archives, so I feel like I know them really well, but they don’t know that much about me.

Thomas and I are both 26 and are the ONLY people in our circle of friends with kids. I thought it might be strange to hang out with a bunch of people older than me, but it wasn't weird at all. It was great to be with a bunch of moms, especially since several of them are also pregnant.  It was also great to hang out with the non-moms:)  For me, the best thing about the weekend was getting to the point where I can call ALL of these people ‘computer friends’. I’m sure we’ll keep writing, reading, commenting, and talking, so I’m someday soon I WILL be able to call them ‘just friends’.

I’m really bummed I likely won’t be able to go to the Blathering next year, since I’ll have a 2 or 3-month-old baby. I’m considering crazy things – like having Thomas come too, so he and the baby can hang out at the hotel while I spend time with the girls, but that’s probably unrealistic. Although…the next Blathering will likely be in Austin and my sister-in-law and brother-in-law just moved to Texas this past weekend. Of course I have no idea whether they're near Austin and Texas is a HUGE state, but wouldn’t it be awesome if they were close?? We could all go down to visit them and I could spend a day or two with the Blathering ladies!

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