Sunday, November 7, 2010

Appropriateness of Media

I’ve always gotten annoyed when parents complain about the general inappropriateness of TV and other media these days. I really don’t think it’s that hard to find an appropriate show and if you can’t do it, just don’t let your kid watch TV (ha ha ha). If you don’t think the shows your child wants to watch are appropriate, deal with it (pre-screen it, watch with them, ban the show, or whatever) and move on. STOP COMPLAINING. I’m not saying these people are wrong. There probably IS too much inappropriateness in TV shows and music for pre-teens today, but SERIOUSLY, I am SO SICK of the whining. Enough already!

However, once Meg started talking I started to notice there really are ‘bad words’ everywhere. I don’t want my baby saying ‘damn,’ but how do I stop her from hearing it? The other day I was listening to the radio in the car (I listen to country music) and Garth Brooks’ Rodeo came on. I love Garth Brooks and I was singing along. I wasn’t really thinking about the lyrics but after I found myself singing “that damned old rodeo” with emphasis on the word ‘damned,’ I realized I didn’t want Meg doing the same thing.

A couple of weeks ago on Top Chef: Just Desserts the head judge called someone a “crazy little bastard” (as a compliment). Meg wasn’t watching it with me, but I have let her watch Top Chef before. It should be obvious that Bravo is not an appropriate channel for kids. I know they allow things on Bravo that aren’t on network TV. But I really thought Top Chef was relatively harmless (depending on the contestants in any given season). If I’m watching it during naptime and Meg wakes up, I go get her then let her finish the show with me. I guess I can’t anymore.

Now, I’m not complaining about this stuff. I think it’s perfectly fine (though usually unnecessary) to have swearing in media meant for adults. I don’t think producers should have to change anything just because there might be children watching/listening, especially if it’s a show clearly marketed to adults. I guess I’m just annoyed Meg is getting to the age where we’ll be stuck with all kids music and kids TV all the time. I want to listen to MY music and watch MY shows, without thinking about whether they include swearing. At least I enjoy Veggie Tales...

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  1. Yeah. The first time Fuss asked "what happened, Mama?" when the team on NCIS found a dead body/shot someone/etc. I was so bummed. (especially since she has the CUTEST dance to the NCIS theme song).