Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sides of the Bed

For the longest time, I’ve ALWAYS had to sleep on the side of the bed furthest from the door. When I was younger (middle school age, I suppose?) I figured if someone broke into my room, the more space I had between them and me, the better. It would give me more time to react. In actuality, if anyone HAD actually broken in, it probably would have made zero difference. What was I going to do with that extra time? Jump out the window? (Actually, if the window was already open, that might have worked.) Whether it made sense or not, it made me feel more secure.

So I didn’t have a side of the bed. I always slept on the right side at home (because it was furthest from the door), but if were in a hotel or visiting people, I would sleep on the side furthest from the door, even if it was the left side. Thomas always insisted the left side of the bed was HIS and it really annoyed him when I’d make him sleep on the “wrong” side.

When we moved, I took over the left side of the bed, which took Thomas months to get used to. It’s actually closer to the door, but by that point, I had gotten so used to sleeping by the wall I had gone from having to sleep furthest from the door to having to sleep closest to the wall. That’s usually the same thing, but it isn’t in our bedroom (because the left side of our bed is up against the same wall as the door).

Then pregnancy changed that (along with many other things). Now, I must sleep on the left side of the bed. To go to sleep, I always lay on my left side and I have to be facing out or I get claustrophobic. There’s not enough air if two people are facing each other in bed. The last two times Andrew and I went out of town, I slept on the left side even though it was the side closest to the door AND furthest from the wall! If possible, I still want to sleep closest to the wall, so if we have our choice of several rooms I check them out and pick one where the left side of the bed is up against a wall. I’m hopelessly picky.

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  1. I want to be closest to the bathroom no matter what, so I have made my husband switch sides of the bed with me no less than 4 times during our marriage. Poor. guy. We've been in this current formation for the last 2 years, though, despite having moved rooms (just worked out that way) but in hotel rooms - I always have to be closest to the bathroom regardless of which side of the bed we're facing. In hotel rooms I like to also be furthest from the windows (a light issue moreso than a safety one) but that usually is one and the same, since in most hotel rooms, the bathroom is at the back and the windows are at the front.