Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Banner Day!

Note (on Thursday): I wrote this Wednesday morning and thought I'd published it, but just realized I only saved it as a draft.  I hit publish and it posted to Wednesday, so I'm going with it!  I don't know if this counts as a NaBloPoMo fail, but I don't think so...

Margaret is a very stubborn child. She has been VERY adamant that milk comes out of bottles and water comes out of sippies. Put milk in a sippy and she wants to know if you’ve lost your mind. That’s just not the way it’s DONE. We were hesitant to go cold turkey on the bottles because she has the stubbornness in her to go a week without milk just to prove her point. I didn’t want to take away the bottles until I’d called the doctor’s office to find out how long she can go without milk. I took her in last week (thought she might have an ear infection) so I asked and the doctor told me if we switched to sippies she probably won’t drink much milk and that is FINE. Totally normal, no problem.

So Monday night she had her last bottle and starting yesterday morning it was sippies or nothing. I thought daycare day would be a good day to start with the sippies, since all of the other kids in her class drink milk from sippy cups. In the past, if I gave her a sippy cup of milk, she would freak out and squawk at me until I poured the milk into a bottle. Today, she happily took the sippy and ran off. She didn’t drink a single drop, but she carried it all over the house and didn’t ask for a bottle.

At daycare, they offered her sippies of milk at snack times, which she didn’t drink. When I picked her up, I took the untouched sippies from the fridge, figuring we were in for a long haul. But when Meg saw me holding them, she wanted one. I figured it wouldn’t hurt for her to carry it around for a while, though I didn’t think there was any chance she drink it. I was wrong. She downed the whole thing! I was shocked!

I thought she must have been really hungry and wrote it off as a fluke. But she drank another sippy full of milk before bed! And this morning! I feel rather stupid. We dithered for WEEKS and it ended up taking less than 12 hours to make the transition.

P.S. We bought the sippies Mama Fuss recommended, which are basically bottles masquerading as sippy cups and also took her suggestion to use one kind of sippies only for water and a different kind only for milk.

P.P.S. She also came home NO diaper rash today! Not even a hint!

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