Friday, November 5, 2010

Seven Things That Annoy Me

1. In our area (maybe everywhere?) kids often tell jokes when they’re trick or treating. I HATE this. The jokes are terrible, it takes longer, and I have to fake-laugh. I’m a Halloween grouch anyway. I wasn’t feeling very well and Thomas was busy with a project, so I had to answer the door and I just about pretended we weren’t home “so all the brats would go away.” I’m happy Halloween is over.

2. Campaign ads. I voted absentee two weeks before the election. Right before the election there was a radio ad SO ANNOYING I wanted to ask for my ballot back so I could vote against the person. It wasn’t even a negative ad! Just an annoying one!

3. Long drives by myself. This weekend I’ll drive 6 hours to Chicago and 6 hours home. It’s TOTALLY worth it (yay Blathering!), but what do you do for 6 hours? Can’t read, can’t watch TV, don’t have satellite radio, not a real fan of books on tape… I usually bring a portable DVD player and listen to my House DVDs (with the screen closed so there’s no temptation to look). I’ve seen the episodes many times, so I don’t really lose anything by not seeing the screen. But even that gets old after a few hours. I’m jealous of the people who are flying!

4. Fundraising. We are doing 2 fundraisers for MOPS right now. They’re not too hard to sell (Tastefully Simple and Younkers coupon books). I’m buying them myself, but I hate asking people to buy things. Last year I didn’t even try. This year I only asked family.

5. Setting unrealistic expectations FOR MYSELF. I feel like since I wrote this whole post on how people usually write throwaway posts during NaBloPoMo and I hate that, I can’t ever do it. I thought I was all set for NaBloPoMo, since I have a couple documents full of post ideas. But these post ideas are pretty much all one sentence or less. Now that the time has come to pick an idea every day and actually write about it, it seems like a lot more work than I thought it would be. I’m scared of the rest of the month!

6. Computer batteries. My laptop battery used to last an hour and a half. Not great, but good enough. I swear it did this as of a few weeks ago. Last night I turned the computer on (without plugging it in) to look something up quickly. The battery died in 10 minutes. I had barely gotten the computer started up!

7. Blogs that only offer an truncated feed. You know what I mean.

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