Thursday, November 18, 2010

There's actually a baby in there!

We spent a lot of time in doctor's offices today.  I brought Meg to my first OB appt - DURING naptime.  It actually went really well.  And hey, there's really a baby in there!  With a hearbeat!  (Just one baby, thank goodness.)  After my appointment, we had to rush straight to the pediatrician for HER appointment (still during naptime), because she caught pinkeye at daycare.  Which means soon I'll have pinkeye and I'll have to fit in another doctor's appointment next week.  I'm sounding complain-y, but we actually had a great day and I'm in a good mood.  Meg was an angel all afternoon, even though she had pinkeye and a fever and she slept for two hours once we got home (although she'd only sleep if I rocked her). 

Hearing the heartbeat made the nausea easier to deal with.  I'm actually sick for a REASON!  How long do you think this will last?  (Probably until I get pinkeye.)

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