Tuesday, November 2, 2010

13 things you should know about me before the Blathering

1. I’m a cheap drunk. My parents and grandparents don’t drink at all. Ever. The concept of having a glass of wine with dinner is foreign to me. Sometimes Thomas and I will have a drink at home on a Friday night, but not that often. Usually I don’t drink at all unless we’re at an event where alcohol is an integral part of it, like when our friends had a wine tasting. As a result, I feel somewhat tipsy after one glass of wine and drunk after two. Give me three and I get CRAZY!

2. Another part of the reason I don’t drink much is that I don’t like wine. I pretty much never like wine until the second glass – and then I only like it because I’m already tipsy. There’s probably some wines I would like out there, but I’m not going to spend time and money searching for them. I prefer mixed drinks. A wine BUZZ, though, is awesome. Much better than the hard stuff.

3. My daughter’s name isn’t Meg. It happens to be the same name Maggie has. The name Maggie doesn't like and says you should never give your child! Oops!

4. My husband’s name isn’t Andrew. (Updated: I've edited the blog to change all the 'Andrews' - his blog alias - to 'Thomas' so this doesn't make much sense anymore.)

5. My name really is Jessica!

6. I’m a Republican, although I’m not a huge fan of all Republican candidates. I’m ALSO not a fan of Obama, so I won’t have much to contribute to a conversation about how great he is. I know there will be people from both sides of the aisle at the Blathering, so I assume we won’t be talking politics.

7. Unlike most of you, I have no desire to write a novel. I don’t want to write articles. I have no aspirations to get paid for writing. I do just fine writing about MYSELF, but I don’t like writing about anything else (especially fiction).

8. Lest all you writers think I’m completely crazy, I’ll tell you I do love READING and do it every chance I get. Mostly mysteries. But if YOU write a book, I’ll read it.

9. I know a lot of you are SAHMs. I work 32 hours a week, so I’m pretty far from being a SAHM. Since I’m home 1.5 days a week, I sometimes think I know what it’s like to be a SAHM, but I probably don’t.

10. I have strong feelings about what side of the bed I sleep on. I would like to say sorry in advance to my roommate at the Blathering.

11. I tend to talk to the TV, yelling things like “What are you doing?” “Why?” “What is SHE doing there?” It’s especially embarrassing when I’m watching something on my computer with headphones. Especially since I hate it when other people talk to the TV.

12. I’m six weeks pregnant, making items #1 and #2 irrelevant.

13. I hope I won’t be too nauseous to enjoy the blathering.


  1. Okay, so I have now met several Margarets under the age of 4 and I am coming around. I am still not a FAN. I still say "Margaret" in a nasal old lady tone. But I DO enjoy thinking all the little Margarets are named after me, so thank you.

    It's gonna be FUN TIMES! Wahoo!

  2. Looking forward to meeting you at The Blathering!

    Several comments:
    (1) I actually like the name Margaret because it's a classic, non-trendy name that offers good nickname options. The nickname was really important to us when we were naming Nate. We really like the name Thomas, for example (and Saint Thomas More is David's patron saint), but we don't like the names Tom or Tommy. And you just KNOW other family members are going to nickname the kid. But we liked both Nathanael and Nate, so there you go.

    (2) I'm a Republican, too, and worked for two Republican senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee. And at least two of the other girls are Rs, too, so you won't be alone!

    (3) So excited that you're pregnant. Squee!

    (4) Thanks for your comment on my nursing post. I have nursed in church, too, and no one ever looked at me sideways. I happened to use a cover, but I think that's a matter of personal preference for the mother, NOT something that should be mandatory.

    See you on Friday!

  3. I kinda like the name Margaret, too, but mostly because of all the nickname options. I LOVE the nn Meg, though when it was on my short list (top 3 names for Fuss) it was short for "Megan".

    CONGRATS on the pregnancy! SO happy for you.

    And if you're into mysteries, I recently got into Tess Gerritsen (I know I'm misspelling this, but I only have them on Kindle and I'm too lazy to go look it up) books (Rizzoli and Isles - the TV show was based on them) are AWESOME and I was sort of over mysteries for awhile because all the ones I'd come upon were predictable. These haven't been thus far and I'm loving them.

  4. Maggie: We were going to call her Maggie, which made me a little self-conscious, because it WOULD seem like she was named after you. After she was born, we tried Maggie and Meg, but neither stuck. She's a Margaret.

    Lauren: I also used a nursing cover in church - mainly because my daughter liked to pop off every now and then and I didn't want to be exposed to the world. Especially since we go to church with my family!! I was always extra-careful covering up when my dad or brother-in-law were around.

    Mama Fuss: We actually went back and forth between Margaret and Megan a LOT before she was born, because we'd decided to call her Meg. Margaret won because it’s my middle name (and my grandma's name), but also because we couldn't agree on how to spell Megan. I like no 'h', but my husband insisted it had to be Meghan. In the end, the nickname Meg didn't end up sticking and we call her Margaret all the time. If I accidentally call her Meg (because I'm in blog mode) it seems really weird.