Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sharing Food

I’m not very good at sharing food. I take the amount of food I want and I want it all. If Thomas asks for a bite, I usually make a face, give a huge sigh, and say ‘take a SMALL bite’. I get especially annoyed if what I have is a special treat – like Oreos.  I often give him a dirty look and say ‘get your own’. I’m not a hypocrite, though. I almost never ask Thomas for his food, because if I don’t want to give up mine, why should he give up his?

I have gotten better – since Meg ALWAYS wants some of what I’m eating, I take extra to start with. But what has really helped is being pregnant. I have zero interest in food. The fact I have to eat annoys me to no end. No matter what I have on my plate, I don’t really want it. So if you’d like some, have at it. I’m sharing more than I ever have. I tell Thomas to take a BIG bite; I give Meg much more than I used to. I think being generous with what I have is a really good thing and I hope I can carry it over once I start to like food again, but it’s probably not likely. What hugely pregnant woman wants to give up her food?

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