Friday, November 19, 2010

Seven I'm-feeling-sick Takes

1. I like creamy peanut butter, but Thomas likes crunchy. Since I almost never eat peanut butter and he eats it fairly frequently (and does the grocery shopping), we only have crunchy peanut butter in the house. But when I’m pregnant I live on peanut butter sandwiches. Sometimes they’re the only thing I can keep down. I’ve been eating 2 a day for a while and the crunchy peanut butter is driving me crazy. The peanuts get stuck in my gums! It hurts!

2. The pregnancy nausea has been getting worse and worse all week. I don’t want to talk about it. I’m just trying to keep my head down and slog through. Only 11 weeks to go!

3. Have I mentioned we have both sides of the family over to our house on Thanksgiving? It means we don’t have to travel at all or spend all weekend going from house to house. This year, Thomas is going to do the turkey in his smoker.

4. He’s never done this before (although he’s make tons of stuff in his smoker), so he invited our friends over on Saturday for a practice run. I’m looking forward to it, but our house is a mess and being nauseous all the time doesn’t really make me want to clean. It’s not a problem, though, because Thomas is a rock star and he’s been cleaning a room every night (after making dinner AND washing the dishes). I’m quite spoiled.

5. Since I feel sick a lot of the time I’ve lost interest in a lot of things. Pretty much anything that requires expending more than the bare minimum of energy. I read over some of my blog posts from this week and they don’t really seem to flow well. Or make a lot of sense. Can I claim pregnancy brain?

6. It also seems the length of the posts directly corresponds to how sick I feel. I can usually manage one good meal a day and if I write after that, I can talk about anything at length. If I wait until the evening, I’m usually too busy trying not to throw up on the keyboard to write anything of substance.

7. I’m going to bed now. So what if it’s only 8:30? At least when I’m sleeping I’m not throwing up. I’m really starting to think NaBloPoMo was a BAD idea since its turning into all nausea talk, all the time.

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