Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wedding Cake

On my wedding day, the bakery dropped my cake.

No, not the actual, layered wedding cake. To save money, instead of having a tiered wedding cake that would serve 200, we had a three-tier cake that served 80-ish? I think? and three sheet cakes that served 40 people each. The wedding cake was two layers of white cake and red velvet for the top layer. The sheet cakes were white, chocolate, and chocolate raspberry. My husband and I both dislike any sort of “filled” pastries. No jelly doughnuts, no cream-filled doughnuts, no raspberry jam in a cake. The chocolate raspberry cake was to be chocolate/raspberry flavored. That one, and the red velvet, were the cakes I was most looking forward to trying.

The morning of the wedding, as I was getting my hair done, the bakery manager called.

Manager: We have a small problem. Not a problem, really. I just need to run something by you.

Me: oh-kaaaaaaay

Manager: Your cake. Not the wedding cake!!! One of the sheet cakes. The chocolate-raspberry one. We dropped it. I’m so sorry. But we can fix it! We have an extra chocolate cake. We can slice the cake and add a layer of raspberry jam. This way, the cake is chocolate-raspberry. It’s actually a more expensive cake. Obviously, there will be no extra charge.

I agreed - what else could I do? And, the morning of the wedding, cake flavors actually didn’t seem all that important. I just said OK and kept getting ready.

Of course, for the rest of the day, I milked it for all it was worth. Every time I told someone the story I started with “The bakery dropped our cake!” (It’s not my fault if people automatically assume it was the wedding cake!)

The most talked about item at the whole reception was that cake. Everyone LOVED the cake. They went back for seconds, asked what flavor it was, asked where we got it. Maybe the cake place put in some really fancy expensive jam or something, I don’t know. Neither Thomas or I liked it. But that was OK, I guess. We had our red velvet cake and all the compliments from people who loved the other cake. I STILL want to know what that chocolate-raspberry (no filling) cake would have tasted like, though. I’ll have to order one someday.


  1. I totally would have milked it too. And definitely not your fault if people assumed it was the wedding cake :)

  2. I so love wedding horror stories, even ones that turned out well. Chocolate raspberry sounds delicious, you should order it for an anniversary! Maybe even remind them of the accident and explain why you want to taste it - could milk it further and get a freebie?