Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Giveaway boxes - contents revealed

I wrote this post while preparing the boxes to send to the winners of my back to work giveaway in September.  I was planning to post it after giving the boxes enough time to get to their destinations, but forgot! I have more of most of this stuff, so if you enter a future giveaway you might get some of it.

The coffee that started it all.  Unfortunately this is something I don't have more of.

Cute tiny gift bags.  The original plan was to put some of the stuff IN the bags, but then they wouldn't fit in the box, so that was scrapped.

Index cards. I love index cards and want to use them for everything, but always feel like I should use some of my freebie notepads instead. I was a pharmacy technician for 7 years. I have LOADS of drug-rep notepads.


Sample/travel packets of body wash

Self-adhesive ribbon

I have a cabinet FULL of various kinds of tea.  I hope y'all like tea, because I am a major over-purchaser and will likely include tea in any giveaway I plan.


  1. Did I say thanks for the cute box? I hope so. Thanks!

  2. THANK YOU! I'm drinking some of the tea right now. It's making my day better.