Saturday, November 19, 2011

Quick question day: buying ahead

Are you superstitious (don’t buy clothes or furniture until the baby arrives) or a plan ahead kind of mom?

I’m a major plan ahead, be prepared kind of person. We bought a crib and a bunch of other stuff when I was 3 months pregnant with Meg (we knew someone getting rid of all their baby stuff, so it was then or never on this particular stuff). My second cousin dropped off hand-me-down baby clothes all the way up to 12 mo when I was 6 months pregnant. Meg’s room was completely ready, clothes washed and all, well in advance of her arrival.

One of my friends comes from a superstitious family/culture. When she gave birth to her first child, she had 2 onesies. That’s it. She said she wouldn’t be quite as strict about buying nothing ahead (though she wouldn’t buy much), but her mom is very adamant about it. They didn’t buy a bassinet until the child was born. They didn’t buy a crib until he had almost outgrown the bassinet. They do occasionally buy clothes 1 size ahead, but hide them from her mom.

Where on the spectrum do you fall?

(By the way, these “Quick Question Day” posts aren’t an official “thing” I’m getting from somewhere. I just figured I could use at least one day a week during NaBloPoMo where the post was easy and really quick, so anytime I thought of or ran across questions like this I saved them for Saturdays.)


  1. I am in between. I plan ahead, but not until I am pretty far along. With Elizabeth, we didn't start buying stuff until I was thirty some weeks. I also know that there are some religions that have rules about bringing things into the house before the baby is born, so maybe that has something to do with it.

  2. I'm like Jen, I definitely do buy ahead, but not until later in the pregnancy. Also, by this third baby we have pretty much everything we need already, so there's not much buying to do. We do need a new carseat (because the damn things expire) but I'll probably get around to buying one of those in February or March.

  3. I am definitely a plan ahead mom. This sucked and wound up being a really crappy thing to deal with after our first daughter's stillbirth, but I still got Eriana's room all ready when I was pregnant with her.

  4. I bought ahead but we waited until after we knew the sex and had our showers before we really bought stuff ourselves. That way we got what we still needed. Now that Jackson is here, I get what I know I need immediately and buy ahead if I can get a really good deal on something.

  5. prep prep prep! I can't even understand those moms who want to wait to find out if they have a girl or boy :)

  6. Oh, buy it all ASAP! Friends of my in laws are expecting their first grandchild, and apparently it's a Jewish custom to not buy anything for the baby ahead of time -- or at least, to not bring anything for the baby into the house ahead of time. The expectant parents bought everything already, but have it all set up to deliver to their house the day after the baby is born (I guess they'll just call the stores and tell them to drop it off, or something).

    This same couple doesn't want to know the baby's sex, which would make me crazy. I tried to get them to tell me at my 12-week appointment if they had any guesses!

  7. I plan ahead. Definitely!

    Ha - my word thingy is "unest."