Monday, November 14, 2011

Kids' gifts

As I said, we're planning on getting Meg a toy storage thing as her big gift for Christmas. I realize this isn't the most fun gift ever and probably is more of a gift for us than her. But she's two and she doesn't really need a big gift, anyway. I think she'll love it, though.  She's proud of things that are "hers" and I bet she'll drag anyone who comes over back to her room to show off HER toy bin.  We are getting her a few other things, too, though.

She already has and loves If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, so I got her these (at Half Price Books for $4.99 each, yay!)

We're also getting her the new Winnie the Pooh movie.  She has a stuffed Pooh bear she loves and takes to daycare every week. She loved going to see the movie in the theater and asks to watch the trailer over and over at home.

For Paul, all I have is this Melissa & Doug wooden first vehicles set so far, but I probably won't buy much else.  Maybe some more bottles. A six-month-old doesn't need much:)

Do you know what you're getting your kids for Christmas?


  1. We have the Little People Zoo for my 2 year old (purchased on clearance!) and a Mega Bloks table that will be for both of them kids. I'm not sure what "big" gift we're getting my 3 year old yet. Then I'm thinking they'll also get some dinosaur flashcards (they're both obsessed) and maybe a book or two.

    I'm interested to see what everyone else is getting their kids!

  2. We are going light this year too. Probably Winnie the Pooh, Lion King, and maybe the Little Mermaid on DVD, some new pajamas and shoes (which will delight Adriana to no end), and something with Dora's face plastered all over it. I'll match whatever we spend on Adriana and put it in Lucia's savings account. She gets all of Adriana's toy and clothing hand me downs, and has very generous family members who are buying her new stuff. Plus she's 3 months old.

  3. I love, love the if you give ... books. It was one of the first books we read Peanut and she loved it.

    I have no idea what we are getting the girls. It is complicated by the fact that Gizmo's birthday is Dec. 28. Awesome planning on our part.