Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

In my experience, people tend to have one of two extreme opinions on Black Friday. They either think it’s awesome and are excited for it or think it sounds terrible and plan to hide at home all day. I go back and forth depending on the year. Growing up, we were two hours away from any sort of shopping area (we didn’t even have a Target), so if we really wanted to get in on Black Friday we’d have had to get up at 3 am or something to start driving. (This was back before internet shopping when people bought things in places called “stores.”)

In college, I didn’t have much money for gifts, so I continued to ignore it. Then, after I was married and had a job and disposable income, I got REALLY into it (much to my Thomas’ dismay). The biggest appeal was getting all my shopping done so I didn’t have to worry about it in December. I hounded him for the week leading up to Black Friday (What should we get your mom? Does she have this? Would she like that? Is there anything in this ad I can buy for your sister? How about this one?) The next year, he was a little more into it and we studied the ads together and made lists of what stores each of us would go to. We even had a schedule, since Meg was 6 months old and we didn’t want to take her, so someone always had to be home. (This was the year I bought 200+ jars of baby food.)

Last year, morning sickness made me pretty apathetic to everything. We halfheartedly looked through the ads on Thanksgiving night, then went to a couple stores Friday. This year was the same. I’m just so tired (two kids, hosting Thanksgiving for both sides of the family…), I can’t muster the energy required to really go for it.

Did you go shopping? Get anything good? Do you have your Christmas shopping done? Or have you not started yet?


  1. I went this morning, but at a reasonable hour (7:30) and only to two stores. I am almost done shopping for the kids, but haven't really done any other shopping. I should probably get started on that.

  2. We did some major Black Friday shopping today - my mom came over and spent the night at our house and watched the kids, so we went out last night 9:30pm-4:40am, and then we slept for 3 hours, got back up and went back out 9am-1pm. We don't do the crazy lines and fighting people though, very low key and having fun. A friend stood in the Toys R Us line for 3 hours last night but I think I got the same deals or similar went I braved it at 10am. I got a great deal on a new winter coat (desperately needed) and a dishwasher (also badly needed, and way cheaper than we had already expected) as well as almost all of the kids Christmas and a few clothes for us.

    We go every year, usually with kids, and sometimes we do well and sometimes we don't but we never really worry about it. If the deals aren't there anymore, it wasn't meant to be (this is how we felt when the knives we wanted weren't at Macy's even though we were there at opening).

  3. I am all about getting a good deal but I am not going to fight the crowds. My Black Friday shopping options are limited to those places that allow me to get the same deals online. So I hit up Kohls, Old Navy, and Amazon. That is about the extent of what I am willing to do.

  4. We did lots of shopping today, but no standing in line and when we woke up. But we got tons of really nice stuff and I am very pleased.