Friday, November 4, 2011

Google searches that led here

Someone searching for “I keep getting pregnant” found my post I just keep getting pregnant-er, about how huge I was getting while pregnant with Paul. I don’t think that was exactly what they were looking for.

Also in the I-don’t-think-this-is-what-you’re-looking-for category: a search for “disadvantage of blogs” led to this, which is really about how I like reading blogs so much the only problem is I spend too much time reading them/money buying books by bloggers.

A search for “how does a sweater shaver work” led to someone downloading the first picture from this post. I tend to get a little freaked out when people download my pictures (luckily this is only the second time!), but if you want this one, have at it! That post is pretty low on my list of ‘worried it will be stolen.’

Someone who clearly has excellent grammar searched for “im probably be the last to know” and I was the #1 result with this post. I wonder if they were also frustrated with the whole Facebook-fake-pregnancies thing.

At one point in time this post was the #1 google result for ‘pumpkin pudding cookies’ and ‘pistacio pudding spritz cookies.’ MAKE THEM NOW. Yum.

…and I was the #4 result for “crying over pregnancy cravings.” I’m so proud.

You might want to stop reading now, because we’ve come to the obligatory “so creepy I’m shutting down my blog right now” search. Someone in Argentina ran a google image search for “little girl in the bath” and came to this post. There was a picture of Meg covered in pen markings (so covered I needed to throw her in the bath to wash them off). It didn’t show any private areas, or even her face (it was pretty much just her legs), and whomever ran the search didn’t download it, but I’m still majorly creeped out. Talk about “disadvantage of blogs.” I deleted the photo. I know it’s still out there, but at least it’s less accessible.

To end on not such a creepy note, I will add someone did find this post by searching for ‘meth.’ Of course.


  1. We have 93 page views for my post on "What to do when you swallow a thumbtack," a post I did about 18 months ago. It is consistently tops every month.

  2. How do you know if someone downloaded your pictures? Am intrigued.