Sunday, November 20, 2011


I mentioned I’m big into planning ahead, or at least buying ahead, yesterday, but sometimes I go overboard. I’m a sucker for a good sale. When Meg was starting to eat jarred foods, Babies R Us had an amazing Black Friday deal on Earth’s Best and I bought enough to last her for four months. We did use it all, but I felt a little crazy buying over 200 jars.

Just last week I bought six tubs of formula for the price of four from Target’s daily deals. It was such a good price! Cheaper than I bought formula two years ago! But…Paul doesn’t drink formula yet. With Meg, I didn’t have to supplement until she was 9 months. We went through four cans total. This time I’m pretty certain I’ll have to supplement at some point – the pump just isn’t good enough to keep my supply up for a year – but I really don’t know when or how much. Right now I’m still pumping 1 extra bottle every day. I have four boxes of breastmilk in the deep freeze. And now six tubs of formula in the basement.

Honestly, what I think I’m doing is trying to keep the crazy at bay. When my supply started to go downhill last time, I fought it tooth and nail. Every day I spent my entire lunch break – 45 minutes – pumping, in addition to the two other times I pumped. My mood each day was dictated by how much milk I got. I’m not doing that again. If I start to go crazy and talk about nothing but ounces and how fast the freezer supply is being used, my husband has permission to hit me over the head with a tub of formula.

ANYWAY. I wasn’t really planning to go there. Are YOU sucker for a good sale? How much do you allow yourself to buy? Do you usually end up using it all?


  1. I don't usually go too overboard. I did have to stop buying toothpaste when I realized my husband and I each had like 4 extra tubes (we use different kinds.) I kept getting it for free though! Hard to resist that.

  2. I used to be a stockpiler, but I'm not so much anymore. Eric is an extreme minimalist, so he put an end to that, but when it's practical, we do buy things by the case. We use Nature's One formula which is very rarely on sale, so the last time it was, we did buy three cases of that, which lasted months.

  3. I have a hard time resisting a good sale. We frequently get coupons at checkout at our grocery store for buy one-get one on toothpaste and contact solution, and I have quite a stockpile in the linen closet because I keep forgetting that we don't NEED more toothpaste and contact solution.

  4. I am a sucker for a good sale, though not to the extent of 200 jars of baby food! Mostly because I wouldn't want to store that much. =)

  5. You know, I'm really only a stockpiler on things I love to wear that are hard to find. I've found a pair of perfect ballet flats and bought three pairs. Same with jeans. And t-shirts.