Sunday, November 6, 2011

Toy Storage

How do you store toys?  This is our current system and it's driving me crazy. 

The bin was originally used for toy food only (it was way too big, but what we had).  The other toys then migrated in and for at least the last six months it has looked like this. It's easy for Meg to pick up all her toys, so at least they aren't spread around, but it's ugly and she has a hard time finding things that have sunk to the bottom (which is mostly the toy food). Sometimes she'll dump the entire thing out. We're thinking about getting a toy organization shelf/bin thing as her Christmas present and putting it in her closet. She could bring a bin out to the living room if she wanted, then would theoretically be required to put it away before getting another (ha!). Even if that didn't work, there would at least be a place to put things away at the end of the day that isn't the corner of the living room.

This is what our church nursery has and I LOVE it, but I'm not spending $250. (They put clear plastic bins in some of the cubbies.)
We're thinking something more like this, but not this exact one - the reviews say it's really small and doesn't hold much. (The link goes to Amazon, but it's cheaper at Target right now.)

So do you have something similar to these that you like?  Don't like?  Any recommendations on where to buy? Unfortunately, we are not near any IKEAs and their shipping is high enough I'm not interested in ordering from them (the shipping isn't unreasonable - it's just expensive to ship large, heavy furniture).

And just so you know, as much as Meg loves Dora, we are NEVER getting this:


  1. If you look at this post of mine, I have a similar Target bin. Actually, since I wrote that post (ages ago), I moved the bookshelves out of the playroom and put in another of the Target shelves with the cloth bins in them. And here's the post I wrote on labeling the bins:

    And anyway, I love it. The system works really well and I always put the same toys back in the same bins. Because of that, Elizabeth always knows where to find what she wants and so she doesn't get out EVERYTHING in order to find the thing on the bottom. I've even started getting her friends trained too on where things are so they aren't dumping out the whole thing any longer either.

  2. I know you mentioned not being near an Ikea but Target has a bookshelf similar to the one we put in my stepson's room and used the cloth bins in. It has been great for us because he can pull out the bin with the toys he wants to play with and then he can easily put them back himself (he is 7) so it keeps the mess to a minimum and makes for easy clean up. We also left a couple of shelves open for books and dvds. The one we got at Ikea is similar to this one at Target: . We set it on it's side so it was lower to the ground. Works well especially for smaller toys.

  3. HAH I totally didn't see this before I did my post! Great minds? Your toy corner still looks way better than my shelf o shit.

    Target has 2 options I like. This:

    and a 9 cube storage thing that's kind of like your second choice.

    Spendy version:

    Cheapie version:

  4. We have one of the cubby style with fabric bins in Kalena's room. (And the cheapest place to get those probably home depot, btw.) And in our playroom we have one of these:

    I like both methods.

  5. I guess you will have to come visit me so that we can go to Ikea together.

  6. That Dora one made my eyes hurt. Lordy.

    In our playroom, we have a serious of different shaped bins (one for animals, one for balls, one for misc., one for books) and they just kind of sit on the floor.

    In our living room we have nice woven basket with a lid (World Market, I think) that we keep toys for the smaller set in. I like having it in the living room because you can't tell what's inside.

  7. I love those cubby shelves. We don't have space in the nursery so her toys live in a wicker basket (or, more often, on the floor), but in the living room we have 4 storage ottomans in lieu of a coffee table and one of those holds her toys.