Friday, February 1, 2013

Laundry oops (you're supposed to use detergent?)

In reply one of the comments on the laundry post, I said I thought the Charlie’s maybe wasn’t getting our clothes as clean as they could be, like Manda and Elizabeth have noted. We use washcloths instead of paper towels and washcloths that have been wet for a day or two start to stink. A lot of them now smell even straight out of the dryer, so I figured I’d have to use something stronger to wash them.

A couple months ago, my subscribe & save for Charlie’s got screwed up and I ended up being out of it for a month. I could have paid more (not even much more) to get it sooner, but I figured I’d take the opportunity to use up all the other random detergents I had. I used some All Free & Clear – my go-to before Charlie’s – but mostly tried to use up some Shaklee stuff that had been sitting around for awhile.

When Trisha suggested Shaklee’s color-safe bleach alternative on Tuesday, I went to look at the product listing and realized that was what I had. For the entire month of November, I used a laundry booster instead of detergent. I think the (recent) mystery of the smelly washcloths and dirty clothes has been solved.

The stain removal issues I talked about have been plaguing me since Margaret started eating solid foods three years ago, though, so thank you for giving me so many suggestions to try. And, you know, telling me I might want to use actual detergent to wash my clothes. It turns out some people really are that dumb.


  1. LOL - This reminded me of when I was a grad student in Germany. I'd been buying the same shower gel for months before I looked in the dictionary and learned it was actually bubble bath! (My German friend who had to use it when visiting me just shrugged and said "Hmmm. It's sudsy.")

  2. LOL! We all do it sometimes :) Glad you were able to solve the mystery!