Friday, February 8, 2013

What we ate this week

We were kind of sick of everything we usually eat, so I've been pretty much cooking entirely from the internet this week. Some Pinterest recipes I've wanted to try for a while and some I just saw and immediately wanted to try!

Black Bean Spinach Enchiladas. Recommended by Heather, I think.
So yeah, I didn't take pictures of any of our dinners this week, because I just now
got the idea to tell you about them. This repeat of half-finished enchilada filling
from Wednesday's date night post will have to do.
These are ridiculously good. Like, 'we've spent all week convincing ourselves to stick to the meal plan instead of immediately defrosting the extra batch I made and froze' good.

Crock pot chicken and dumplings that do not involve cream of anything soup from Doing my Best.

She had me at 'no cream soup.' Thomas and the kids loved this. I thought it was good and ate the leftovers, but didn't necessarily think I'd put it in the regular rotation. They begged to differ.

Salmon coconut curry from this Runner's World article (fourth recipe down)

I loooooooove this. LOVE. We made it back in November when Thomas got his December issue of Runner's World and I was excited to have it again. I use sweet curry powder from Penzey's since I don't like things too spicy (although it still has a kick). I recommend measuring out all the spices before you begin so you're not trying to hurry and measure six things into the pot when it comes time. Also, we always replace the shallots because they can be hard to find. Mr. Google told me the white part of green onions is pretty similar to shallots, so it's the perfect recipe to make right after black bean spinach enchiladas, which call for a lot of green onions.

Thai Peanut Chicken

Ok, this was also a repeat. I've made it several times and we like it a lot. It doesn't recommend any certain kind of salsa, but use something smooth. Chunky salsa is all we ever have around and the peanut butter/salsa juice mixture with tomato chunks reminds me overwhelmingly of...well, vomit. I'm sorry. I've probably ruined it. But every time I make it I have to force myself to start eating it. Then I remember how good it is.


  1. Shallots are those little red onions. I like them better than onions because they ren't so oniony. Scallions are the same as green onions. :)

    Everything sounds delicious!

    1. Yeah, the site I found (which may have been completely unreliable) said shallots are milder than onions and a little garlicy. It said the white part of the green onion is also mild and garlicy, so it works as a substitute.

  2. I have also been making a lot of Pinterest recipes lately because we are sick of everything normal. Two of them were so bad that I threw most of them away.

  3. I need to start making use of my recipe board on Pinterest. I tend to pin, pin, pin when I'm bored on my phone, but then I never get around to making anything new! Those enchiladas look fantastic, though. (I pinned them, ha!)

  4. I'm glad your family enjoyed the recipe =).