Wednesday, February 27, 2013

52 Date Nights, Week 17: Comedy Night Done Right

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We decided to do #47 Have a Comedy Night with a little twist. We've tried watching comedians on Netflix and have never really thought it was that funny. So Thomas came up with the idea of Comedy Night Done Right/ Must See TV. We love us some NBC shows. And TV on DVD. A lot.

We were laughing before putting in the first DVD and it was pretty great, especially considering we'd just spent a half an hour staring at both the available Redbox movies and the Date Night list and not finding anything we were in the mood for.

We went from oldest to newest:

Seinfeld (No soup for you!)
Friends (Could I BE wearing any more clothes?)
The Office (That's what she said.)
30 Rock (Uhh, I don't really have any quotes for this.)

Also, no proper night of Must See TV would be complete without...

Sadly, this is not even the extent of our TV on DVD collection. Anybody want to watch some House? SNL? Sex and the City? Bridezillas? (That was a gift. An engagement gift.)


  1. ;) My all-time favorite: The One with Ross's Tan.

    1. So NOW I'M AN EIGHT! Ha, I love Friends.

  2. This is basically what my husband and I do every Friday night. Love.

  3. That is my MOST FAVORITE quote from Friends. Then you have to declare that you're not wearing any underwear and do some lunges. :)

  4. Sex and the City was one of my favorite.
    I can't forget the humor they bring.

    ♥ Junalin - Doula

  5. I always meant to ask you, where did you get the idea to do this 52 date nights thing? Did you see someone else do it? I kind of love it.