Monday, February 4, 2013

How often do you replace your Clarisonic brush head?

This Christmas (Black Friday actually) I finally splurged and got a Clarisonic. I love it, but man, they have a racket going, don't they? $149 for the latest model and THEN they want you to pay $25 every three months for a new brush head?

(As I said, I bought mine on Black Friday and also, I bought the Mia instead of the Mia 2, so I got it for $95.)

What I'm wondering is, do I have to change the brush every three months? How often do you? My general rule with similar things (like contacts or mascara) is to use for 150% of the recommended time, so 4.5 months. Is that reasonable? Do you wait longer before changing the brush? Or is it one of those things where if you bought the system in the first place, you might as well use it with a good brush, so just freaking replace it when they tell you?

Also, they recommend using it twice a day, but I only wash my face once a day. It took me years to figure out my face fares far better if only washed at night. Does this mean I can use each brush for twice as long?

FYI, if you get ULTA coupons in the mail, the latest 20%-off one doesn't exclude Clarisonic - online ULTA coupons do - so if you can find a 4-pack of brush heads in-store they'll only be $60 (normally $75). Or you could buy the full system for 20% off if you don't have one!


  1. I've found some good replacement brush deals on Amazon. I probably replace mine every 4 months-ish, so I think 4.5 is completely reasonable.

  2. I don't use mine daily, and most definitely have never used it 2x a day. And it was out of commission for about a month because it wasn't keeping the charge and I had to get it replaced. So, hopefully you don't think it's too gross when I say I've only changed it once. But I did just buy some new brushes at ulta (wish I had seen your online coupon advice!) so I'll probably try to use it and change it more often.

  3. I change my brush about every six months. I wash my face morning and night, but only use the Clarisonic in the mornings (just my hands and cleanser at night). I also dry the brush with a handtowel since I found in the beginning if I didn't, the brush would stay damp all day and start to mildew.