Wednesday, February 13, 2013

52 Date Nights, Week 15: Make presents

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This one has been nagging at both of us since we first looked through the date night list. Make presents? Uh...

The suggestion was to "set the timer for 30 minutes and race around the house collecting things from which you can each make a homemade gift for the other." My first reference for homemade gifts was, of course, Friends (make the presents), and I kept putting this one off because, well, crotchless panties really aren't appropriate for a guy. (I know you're confused right now if you don't know Friends. It's ok. Just move past it. Forget I mentioned anything.)

I was struck by the idea last week that we could just take this down a notch, pressure wise, and create homemade Valentines for each other. Seasonal! Fun! No need to make something that will be treasured forever. Also, with each person making the same thing, no comparison of who rose to the challenge and who...borrowed a sock bunny. (Friends again. I'm sorry.)


  1. Right there with you - I saw the post title and thought SOCK BUNNY!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Chandler Bing! Love JANICE!