Wednesday, February 20, 2013

52 Stay-at-home Date Nights, Week 16: Spend the Night in Italy

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from the 52 Simple, Stay-at-home Date Nights PDF

Originally, I thought I’d be creative with this one and come up with my own thing. I took French in high school (can’t speak it now) and this is one of our dining room walls:

Atmosphere! It’s like we’re already there!

In the end, though, can you really beat pizza, wine, and gelato? No, no you cannot. So that is what we did. 

Neither one of us are big fans of Roman Holiday, though, so we decided to go with another movie in the grand Italian tradition...The Godfather. Which, I know, isn't even set in Italy, but whatever. They're Italian. It counts. (Plus, it's super romantic.)

So that was the plan. But then Skyfall came out on Tuesday and we both really wanted to see it. Especially since we hadn't had so much as one kid-free night to see it in theaters. So...007 it was.

He's in Europe. Close enough.

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