Wednesday, February 6, 2013

52 Date Nights, Week 14: Sample Aphrodisiacs

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The article the description in the date nights PDF linked to is titled “10 Aphrodisiac Foods To Eat This Valentine’s Day” so I decided now is the perfect time to get back in this thing (you may have noticed the month-long date night hiatus...)

We selected seven of the ten supposed aphrodisiacs, which was a lot of food, so we spread it out over a couple nights.

Friday Night
The first one we selected was a no-brainer: Chocolate. If you’ve ever been on a Carnival cruise, I hope you tried the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake. Because, I swear, it’s almost worth taking the cruise just for that. This was our third cruise with Carnival and I had to restrain myself to keep from blurting out “I want a Chocolate Melting Cake!” before we were even seated for dinner.

Thomas found this recipe and, well. I may not be losing weight this year after all. But, man, will I be happy.

Saturday Night
Our menu was:

With the kids: Black Bean and Spinach Enchiladas with a side of avocado.
Mid-chopping for the ridiculously good enchilada filling
Asparagus with Toasted Almonds and Garlic. I figured these three potential aphrodisiacs would go together well, so I googled and voila! Three birds with one stone! (Aka, don’t waste precious room on the main course when desserts are coming your way.)
I think anything would taste good smothered in oil and butter.
(Yes, oil AND butter.)
Bananas: The article suggested this recipe for caramelized bananas, another one of my favorite desserts.

Also, to round out our dessert plates, I bought some figs from Trader Joes. I didn't know how to serve figs, so I went with their suggestion of brie (which coincidentally was on sale) to make this.

Unfortunately, I got a little enthusiastic swirling hot olive oil in the frying pan for the asparagus and ended the night looking like this:

Second degree burns are not an aphrodisiac.
Between that and the fact I had already spent three hours in the kitchen cleaning, making sugar cookie bars for a Super Bowl party, and doubling dinner so I could freeze half, we decided to put off the figs and caramelized bananas for another night. The avocado got put off, too, because after all that work making enchiladas (including homemade sauce!) I forgot to put avocado on the side.

At this point date night has gone out the window and we're just trying to use up the food in our fridge. We invited my mom over for dinner since my dad is out of town. I made the figs & toasted almonds brie for an appetizer and it was amazing. Paul, who is 19 months now, especially liked it - figs, almonds and all. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture. We also made more chocolate melting cakes to share with my mom, since my parents were on the cruise with us and undoubtedly missed the cake as well:)

We still haven't gotten to the caramelized bananas and the avocado went bad, so maybe next week on those...

Verdict: That was a lot of cooking. I think I did it wrong and this is meant to be a thing where you just throw everything on a plate, as opposed to going fancy turning the chocolate into cake and making enchiladas to go with the avocado. Also, indulging for four out of five nights (including the Super Bowl party) means those calories are going to take a lot of, uh, exercise to burn off. Was that the point?

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