Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Recommended reading

I don't normally "get out" much on the internet, as in, spend much time reading things other than blogs or email. I've always wondered how on earth people find all this great stuff they put in their recommendation posts. I get my news from the radio and fascinating articles from magazines. This year I've made an effort to read more from around the internet, though, and I am loving it.

- I've discovered I vastly prefer running on the treadmill to outside - I can set the pace, periodically glance at the timer in front of me, and focus on a podcast to take my mind off how much exercising sucks. My favorites are from NPR's food blog, The Salt. Somehow, subscribing to the blog gets you every food-related post on NPR, even if they're not actually on The Salt. This week there was a three-part series on Sustainable Seafood that was so fascinating I almost forgot I was gasping for breath. (Almost.)

It's a lot to get through if you're reading and the written version isn't quite as interesting (I don't think) as the audio. If you have a spare half an hour (ha!) definitely listen to the podcasts.

- This second recommend is the real reason I'm writing this post. The seafood stuff was interesting, but this two-part article, The Innocent Man, was one of the most moving things I've read in a long, long time. The font is off somehow, which makes it a little hard to read, but the story instantly sucked me in and I couldn't stop reading. By part two I was sobbing. I just couldn't get past how, in being wrongfully convicted of his wife's murder, this man lost 25 years of his son's life. He lost his freedom, too, obviously, but, for me, losing Margaret* would be worse than losing my own autonomy.

The whole thing is so well written, I'd honestly recommend it just as an example of great journalism. It's one of those things that affected me so much I want everyone to read it.

(I found this story through a recommendation from The Simple Dollar.)

*His son was three at the time, which is what makes me think of her. I feel the same about Paul, obviously.


  1. I'm a little obsessed with innocent people being convicted of horrible crimes.

    Perhaps this has something to do with my insomnia issues.... :-)

    Nonetheless, I plan on reading The Innocent Man. Thanks!

  2. I prefer the treadmill too, it's more predictable. However, I have noticed that if you plan to run outside at some point, ease yourself into it. I run a local 5k here (fifthseasonrace.com) every year and I found if I didn't run at least once outside to get a feel for the ground vs treadmill..my race didn't go as well. I'm never a contender for winning anything, just something to note.

  3. Man, The Innocent Man article was riveting. I planned to work through lunch and instead spent my lunch break reading the entire two-parts in one sitting. Wow. Thanks for recommending!