Monday, September 24, 2012

Should the dress stay?

I bought this dress at Target this summer, wore it once, then saw a picture of me in it and immediately wanted to throw it out. I think I deleted the full-length version of this picture, so here's the cropped one.

I guess it doesn't look that bad. Something about it just turned me off when I first saw the picture, though. For one, I don't think I look good in sleeveless. Also, the stripes make me look wider (which, duh, what was I expecting?), which is more noticeable in the pictures below.

Before getting rid of the dress, I decided as a last-ditch effort to change the outfit and see if it worked better. I added a belt and cardigan and actually got complements on it. I definitely like this better, but the dress is pretty short and still has the widening problem, making it harder for me to keep. It's super comfortable, though.

Should I keep the dress? Which look do you like better? I think a lot of people bought it this year - do you have it?

P.S. The belt is one of the New York & Company colored patent belts I recommended in this Style All Over post.


  1. I like it - with the cardigan and the belt, I think it's very cute.

  2. I think it looks better with the cardigan and belt, but I vote go. Stripes have a way of making us look so much wider than we are!

  3. I have that dress in 2 other patterns. Maybe it's because I bought them to get me through the postpartum period, but I have never felt like either one of them is attractive. But it is a great dress for nursing! I'd say if you don't feel good in it, ditch it.