Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I know it’s been established people of all ages are allowed to like the songs Call Me, Maybe and What Makes You Beautiful, but that doesn’t change the fact I feel rather immature sitting at work bopping along to them. Especially One Direction. Are mature adults allowed to like them?

(Cut it out. I am too mature.)

If I need to buckle down, I turn the music way up and can really get stuff done. While simultaneously trying not to suddenly burst out with “and this is craaa-zy” out loud.

Doesn’t really matter, anyway, because my current favorite work music is the Titanic soundtrack and feeling immature while listening to Call Me, Maybe has nothing on feeling immature while listening to My Heart Will Go On.

(Really. It’s a great work CD. It’s virtually all instrumental, but interesting instrumental with Irish flutes and a range of tempos and moods.) (Seriously, shut up.)

I probably shouldn’t even tell you I also own Back to Titanic, right? But it’s great, too, with the violin quartet version of Nearer My God to Thee, Irish jigs (I recommend Jack Dawson’s Luck) (listen, I didn’t NAME the songs), and the piano version of My Heart Will Go On – way better than the melodramatic vocal version, which I almost always skip.

(I’ll stop now.)

What embarrassing music do YOU listen to?

*Links to songs are Amazon affiliate links, because I could find no other site to link to. How do you people link music? I tried YouTube, I tried iTunes, nothing.


  1. My little brother just heard Call Me, Maybe yesterday, so we were talking about it and he was humming the chorus. This morning, my alarm woke me up with Call Me, Maybe and I scrambled to turn it off knowing that it wouldn't help. It will be today's ear worm. I'm not embarrassed by anything I listen to (Baby Got Back, Vanilla Ice...Hillbilly Bone - I love them all). Whatever inspires you or motivates you...I say do it (or listen to it) :)

  2. I gave up on keeping up with music about freshman year of college, so I'm pretty sure I ONLY listen to embarrassing music.