Friday, September 7, 2012

Learn from my mistakes - the hospital bag

This is another one from the drafts folder. This was originally a comment I wrote when Kate asked for recommendations on packing a hospital bag before giving birth. I saved it intending to expand on it for a hospital bag post, but I think it’s funnier as a this-is-what-I-did-wrong post.


The first time I didn't bring makeup and WHOO BOY do I look like shit in all those pictures. I was all "I should look like I just gave birth, not like I'm entering a beauty pageant!" Ha! What I looked like was like I got beat up and also had the worst breakout of my life (which I did) (the break out, not the beat up).

So the second time I brought makeup and thought "who needs those fancy hospital gowns people are buying these days, I did just fine without it the first time!" Yeah...I have visible side boob in at least half of the pictures from that hospital stay because of the breastfeeding openings in the maternity ward gowns. Thanks a lot, husband behind the camera for not WARNING ME. Also, my brother-in-law was there, so *cringe*. My face looks great, though!

In summary, I recommend makeup and clothes from home, whether you buy a specialty gown or not. Nursing tank, maybe? The makeup and my cell phone (for Twitter) were all I used, though, so no need to go overboard on the packing.

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  1. I know I packed makeup but I never used it because I felt so awful after my c-section. However, I look back on my pictures now and I looked terrible. I do wish I had at least touched up a bit for some pictures even if I didn't use it any other time.