Friday, September 21, 2012

Seven Quick Takes: High chairs and swearing

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1.   I forgot to mention in yesterday's post I had a second major in political science! I tend to forget about it because accounting was my 'career' major and political science was just because I loved the classes. I have thought teaching civics/history/something like that might be fun, though. I also have a masters in accounting and have thought about being an accounting lecturer.

2.       I've been in a real kick-a**-and-take-names mood lately. (Do we prefer the astericks there? I personally find them distracting. I think they bring more attention to the word. But do people have an aversion to seeing it written out?)

3.       I may be overthinking the asterisks because I went out with my mom's group on Monday and apparently they swear a "heck" of a lot less than I'm used to. I was telling a story and said my reaction to something was "Oh, crap!" They seemed a little shocked. It's not the first time, either. I mean, I get it, you're at home with kids all day, I guess you just...ban those words from your vocabulary? Should I? I mean, I don't say it in front of my kids, but this was adults only time. It's not like I said "Oh, f***." (Which I also say, but not in front of church friends. And I'm trying to stop.) 

4.       I should probably just post this now and make "do you swear?" the question of the day. But instead I will soldier on. This will be seven quick takes! Even if they’re all boring!

5.       Paul has been using this high chair for nine months (manly, isn't it?). I've wiped down from time to time, but never removed the cover to wash. I assumed it was like the car seat, where by the time you get everything taken apart the thought of putting it back together makes you want to just go buy a new one. Plus, it's just going to get dirty again, right? Last night, though, I was not in a doing things halfway mood. Checking the vaccuum to see why it was clicking (string caught in the rollers) led to spending a half-hour deep cleaning it. Next thing I knew I was taking the high chair apart. So of course it was ridiculously easy. Like, I can't believe you let that horribly gross thing sit in your living room for months when it takes like TWO MINUTES to take apart (and put together) easy.
This is an "after" picture. I didn't want photographic evidence of the before. 
6.       Also, I would like to know what kind of magical stuff that cover is made out of. I realize it's meant to have all kinds of food smeared all over it, then wash clean, but I let it sit for nine months and figured the washing clean ship had sailed. However, after a quick spin in the washer it looked like I had gone out and bought a new one.

7.       Remember this? When I confessed I've watched Friends a hundred times and still didn't get the Holden McGroin joke? I realized recently I did it again. This time I at least got the gist, but I still wasn't quite right. When Phoebe mixes up the words to Tiny Dancer, I always thought she got two things wrong. It sounded to me like she said "Hold me close, young Tony Danza."

I didn't know why he was young. She's singing a nonsensical phrase, anyway. Why should I be able to explain it? It took seeing someone write the line out on Twitter to actually realize she really is just saying "Hold me closER." Not "close, young." I misheard her mishearing the song. How meta.


  1. Oh my vocabulary. It's SO bad. Really, I will make most of the Blathering judge me endlessly for the amount of bad words I can drop into a normal conversation, but I blame it all on seven years of commuting. That is a lot of road rage, my friend.

  2. I swear LIKE A SAILOR. In front of my kid, in front of your kids, in front of my mother. It is terrible. I say all the words, they are just part of my vernacular. I have tried to stop many times - I've enlisted my husband and friends to help, because I honestly don't even NOTICE. I am honestly worried that my friends will stop letting their kids around me soon, as they get into the age set where they are picking up language quickly, and once is too much. I am also worried about offending people at the Blathering. Especially Arwen and Maggie, I just know I'm going to drop an f bomb at them on accident and then die on spot.

    1. Come stand by me, Susie. We can have a whole conversation in swear words. It'll be like another language. Or that scene in The Wire where they have a whole conversation with nothing but the F word.

  3. I drop the F bomb regularly. I just ... it's just who I am. I always say, I'm the daughter and granddaughter of truckers and a working journalist. There is no hope for me.

  4. Yes to the swearing. All. The. Time. I need to stop because we are approaching the "repeat everything Mommy says" age, but man. I really, really love the F-word.

  5. What's underneath high chairs should be included in high school sex talks about unplanned pregnancy.