Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crappy Day Presents

I’ve participated in three crappy day present (CDP) exchanges this year and keep meaning to tell you about them because they are so fun. Rachel organizes the exchange and assigns everyone a person to mail gifts (you can request a specific person and/or tell her whether you want someone you do or don’t know). She has a full explanation of the exchange here with links to examples of boxes she’s received. Registration is currently open for the September round of the crappy day present exchange. She's also doing one in October if you're not ready to jump in yet.

I was really nervous the first time. How many presents should I send? What if my person doesn’t like the gifts? What if she sends way more to her person than I send to her? Will she feel ripped off?

Once you receive a box of gifts, though, you know that’s not possible. Even if there was only one thing in there, it’s really really fun to receive a surprise present. The four or five people typically send makes you feel really spoiled. I’m sure you’ve noticed me on Twitter going on and on about my presentsJ

To give you more of an idea of what is typically exchanged, here’s a few of the boxes I’ve sent or received.

What I’ve sent: These are from the first two rounds I participated in. I forgot to take a picture of the third round.

Round #1
Round #2. The fuzzy socks got cut off in the picture
and I also included k-cups not pictured.
And a few of the things I’ve received each round:

This wasn’t even one of the presents (the mug was – and I love it so much it’s the only one I use anymore), but I was really excited when Maureen included chickens to play the chicken game. I keep meaning to buy more to include in my packages. They remind me of one of my favorite books, Bitter with Baggage Seeks Same (affiliate link). Unfortunately, in our house it's usually the cat who finds and hides Mr. Pickles.

The toes were not part of the gift.
FYI, this polish is amazing. It lasts forever.

My stash of CDPs waiting to be opened! 


  1. I LOVE those chick books. They make me laugh a lot.

    And you, lady, are a fabulous CDP sender.

  2. All of those CDPs look GREAT =)! I love how you wrapped the ones you sent!

  3. I have that book! My housemates in grad school gave it to me. How could they not, once they found it, right?

    I'm so glad you like the mug. That was my favorite of your presents also. :) CDPs are the best!