Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick Takes Friday

1.      I had a problem with a flexible spending claim a while ago, tried to get it fixed, and got shot down. I then stewed and muttered under my breath for months (since April!). I finally got up the courage to call them again yesterday and be firm. It took about 10 minutes of explaining the situation several ways, then they said "Oh! We're so sorry! We'll deposit $429 in your account by the end of the day!" I WIN.

I feel like the definition of the parenting axiom if you give in to your child, even just once, they'll never stop trying to get you to give in again. Give me all your customer service problems! I am emboldened to keep insisting until they solve everything!

2.     There was a big flurry of Blathering registrations a couple weeks ago. I finally added all attendees to my Twitter account and am now having a hard time using Twitter. There’s too much! Too many people I don’t know yet, too many tweets to wade through, too many conversations to try and wedge myself into.

3.     You know what else there’s too much of? Political retweets. Are you kidding me with this? By all means, tweet your own political views, if you like, but don’t flood my feed with incredibly partisan retweets. I don’t even like seeing the ones I agree with. (By the way, is there an option to not have someone’s retweets show up in my twitter stream?)

4.     My taste in pumpkin spice lattes seems to vary year-to-year. Some years I can’t taste anything but the spice and feel like I’m drinking some weird herbal thing. This year I’m finding them quite tasty (I think the key is the whipped cream. Mellows it.)

5.      Last week I saw a license plate that said LUV2PIN. Do you think it’s talking about Pinterest? Would someone really put that on their license plate? That seems drastic.

6.   I think I’m ready to buy a nice (read: expensive) pair of jeans. It's time to give up the hope I’ll be losing a ton of weight in the near future and stop putting purchases off. What is your favorite brand? Bonus points if I can find it at Kohl’s, which I have 20% off coupons for.

7.  Me: "It's not my job to always know where your crayons are."
      Meg: "It is your job. I want them now."


  1. My twitter is out of control too! But in a few weeks, we'll MEET all those new people and I think that will help a lot. Otherwise, ack, I feel terrible weeding my list, because it seems like it would come across as "I don't like you" but it's more... my feed is so out of control I can't keep up with the people I interact with most! Ahh, modern life.

  2. I liked the Rock and Republic jeans from Kohl's, but returned them because I got pregnant and wouldn't fit into them by the time it got to really be jeans weather again. Too bad, because they were on sale AND I had a coupon. But I knew if I kept them I'd have $120 worth of jeans that wouldn't fit even after I have the baby, so.

  3. If you're using Twitter on the website, YES there is a way to not have some retweets show up. At least if you mean you follow person A, and they retweet person b--you can make it so NO retweets from person A make it through (so, not that you can hide person b. Did that make sense? I feel like it didn't). You basically go to the person's profile, click on the little dude with the arrow, and then hit "turn off retweets."

  4. I am ready for some new jeans too. Not sure what though. I like amazon. Buy a bunch then return most.

  5. Yeah, I am also not a fan of political retweets whether I agree or not. Fortunately I haven't been seeing many.

    The crayon conversation is awesome. Kids, man.