Friday, September 30, 2011

Christmas Cards

This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints. They’re giving me 50 free cards for writing about anything Christmas Card related.

I started using Tiny Prints earlier this year (last one to the bandwagon, I know) and I’ve already earned a reputation in my family as the thoughtful card giver. All cards I give have pictures printed in them and are obviously ordered in advance, which my family loves – especially my grandparents. I have to keep it up, though, because now every time I give them a card, Grandma says “I bet I know what’s in here!” She’d be quite disappointed if there were no pictures of the kids.

Anyway, Tiny Prints didn’t ask me to write about their service in general, they want to talk about Christmas! I’m hoping this means I’ll actually get my cards ordered and mailed before Christmas this year (last year they went out in February. oops.) That means I need to find a picture.

This is one of the professional pictures we got done when Paul was two weeks old. I don’t think I ever told you about this photo shoot. Meg cried the whole time. She whined and refused to smile. Afterwards we realized it was because we used the green blanket her Grandma made for her as a backdrop for some of Paul’s pictures. She was mad he “took” her blanket. We gave it back afterwards, while we were looking at proofs, and she was instantly better. I was so annoyed. She’s two! She can talk! Why didn’t she just say BLANKET, so we could give it to her and make her happy before we took family pictures??

The odds of getting the entire family to smile at the same time aren’t that good, anyway, so maybe we should go with just a kid picture. How about this one? It really says “I love my brother”

(I was trying to take three month pictures of Paul, but Meg wanted to be in the picture, too.  She refused to get off the couch and insisted the angel doll be in them, too.)

I obviously have better pictures of the two of them – like the one on my banner. I’m also going to try to have a family photo shoot – maybe while we can still do it outside? I'm not a big fan of Christmas cards with pictures of the kids only. I think the parents should be in there.

So my options are:

Keep taking family pictures until we get a good (ok, decent) one and go with a one card picture. I like these:

Christmas Cards Chic Sophistication  - Front : Gunmetal      Christmas Cards Christmas Flourish - Front : Bright Red    Studio Basics: Christmas Cards Painted Pattern - Front : Siren

Or I could find a good picture of each of us, plus maybe one of the kids together:

Traditional Wonder Christmas CardsChristmas Cards Divine Night - Front : Black
Studio Basics: Holiday Photo Cards Wreathed Monogram - Front : Winterberry

To see more Tiny Prints Christmas cards, go here.

So what do you think I should do? What are you going to do for your Christmas cards?

Again, this post was sponsored by Tiny Prints.  If you'd like to do a sponsored Christmas card post, you can apply via this form.

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