Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last little bit of summer

I loooove watermelon.  As much as I hate summer, I do get excited at the beginning of watermelon season and always hang on to it for too long.  Right now, we have a not-very-good watermelon in our fridge no one has been eating.  I couldn't bear to throw it out, though, because it's the last watermelon!  I must eat it!  There will be no more watermelon until next year!

Last chance or not, it just wasn't good.  In a last ditch effort, I threw it in the blender with some orange juice and a little orange peel last night.  It was amazing.  It tasted a lot like an orange julius, both in texture and in sweetness, though it wasn't quite as knock-you-over sweet.  I liked it so much I immediately washed the blender so I could make it again before work this morning.  Now I want to buy another watermelon.  (My husband is screaming noooooo.)

I do have a little more - earlier in the summer we had a watermelon on the verge of going bad, so I pureed and froze it.  I figured I could use the watermelon ice cubes in fruity drinks or something.  My can't-waste-anything-ness can be ridiculous (who makes ice cubes out of an almost-bad watermelon instead of just throwing it away?), but I'm glad I have the promise of a few summery drinks this winter.

P.S.  I don't really have any proportions on the ingredients, but I think I used about a 2:1 ratio of watermelon cubes to orange juice.  If the watermelon is already pureed, it's about 1:1.


  1. I cubed up my last watermelon right before it bit the dust and froze the lot of it without pureeing - that totally would have made more sense. :)

  2. Most of our watermelon has been delicious this year. I've only had one bad one. That slushie/smoothie sounds really good.